Legalize it? We think so!


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I kinda’ wish that I still liked that stuff.


Wait. What were you posting about?


Too bad federal laws are still totally fucking with state efforts to end terrible policies that are responsible for mass incarceration and, probably, for the current opiate crisis.


I kinda wish I could still advocate for legal pot, instead of advocating for, you know, basic human rights :scream:



We can do both. The War on Drugs has been exceedingly shitty for basic human rights - it’s a big driver for mass incarceration. It’s a pretextual justification for baseless searches. It’s intimately tied to civil asset forfeiture. It’s used to deny sick people treatment.



[quote]everything from specialty weed to enhance female orgasms, to which cheese grants you a pot-like high[/quote]I’m getting mixed messages here.

No doubt they have a thoughtful and nuanced stance on the scientific evidence available for some of the more dubious medicinal benefits.


“Legalize it!! We Think So,” sounds very noncommittal. Did they go with that after rejecting “Legalize it! If You’re Not Too Busy!” or “We’re Reasonably In Favor of Legalization!”


“Consider legalizing it, maybe, if it’s not too much of a hassle for you” just didn’t quite roll of the tongue, I guess.


I wish I could support common-sense liberties when they have nothing to do with me.


…takes you seriously but can’t resist the Cheech and Chong puns.


That’s some weapons-grade Midwestern passive-aggressiveness right there.


Something indicates to you that I don’t?
It just strikes me that it’s a fine time to be a stoner.
I gave it up 35 years ago.

“Those were different times.”


Fact: 92% of the time people use “passive aggressive” incorrectly.


I kinda wish people would resist the urge to say “I don’t smoke, but…” I don’t care.


It is passive-aggressive. It implies the person being told to “legalize it” is in fact not too busy, because “if you’re not too busy” is supposed to be taken as a ridiculous concept. Of course they’re not too busy, they’re the Do Nothing Congress!


Maybe now ad copy for smoking supplies here can start being less coy about the product’s intentions.


Ugh, this was posted less than 2 hours before my asshole governor vetoed what could have been the first legislature-passed legalization bill.