"As Seen On TV" garden gadgets tested, and they're not great


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That quote is reason 6,839,427 why I love Terry Pratchett.


So the zip-tie trimmer isn’t good, but the zero-G hose works exactly as advertised. The Arctic Hat, well we can’t really tell because they did most of the testing against a hat covered in Foil, pretty much negating the results of the tests (especially since a foil hat would trap your own body heat inside, making it hotter on a person’s head than on a paper towel roll). So the headline actually isn’t true.


I like watching infomercials. God only knows why.

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I still have my Garden Weasel, I find it indispensable.


I like my garden weasel, too. Works as advertised!


I wish the guy had just done the tests without trying to be “funny” because he wasn’t.


Effectively, “As seen on TV” is a product warning… and one that could apply to anything that makes it to TV: So-called comedy; embarrassingly dumbed-down science; morning shows; etc. It’s mostly why I gave it up many, many years ago. I’m only “forced” to see such things when I visit my folks back east, then the intellectual bile rises and the mental nausea begins.


So, what you are saying is…one of the BB contributors posted something and their headline was a tad click-bait-ish or otherwise not accurate.

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I bought the As Seen On TV extendable hose, and it’s pretty crappy. The hose itself leaks and cracked, and the cheap plastic screws and gaskets leak all over the place. On the plus side: it did in fact extend.


For instance: “successful” businessmen.


Personal experience:
Ear wax removal vacuum :-1:
Vegetti :+1:

Bonus; saying “Vegetti” over and over again really gets under the wife’s skin.

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Taking inventory of my “As Seen on TV” products.

Rapid Ramen Cooker :+1:
Bacon Wave :+1:
Space Bag :neutral_face: (great until they start leaking)

I think that’s about it for me.

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We got a red copper pan that does work as advertised re: nonstick (It’s actually pretty damn amazing for that)…but it bowed out on the bottom pretty quickly and so it won’t sit flat on the stove. Sooo…50/50?

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For me it’s escapist. For a while I can imagine that if I just buy this product then all the problems in my life with be solved. Look how happy everybody is on the TV!
Also, the part where they depict (usually in black and white) how hard life was before the product came along is usually hilarious.


We’ve been gardening for a very long time. It would require quite the gadget to improve the process. (short of various forms of large-scale automation, soilless tech or similar)


Garden Weasel

Hey now! Came here for this, was not disappointed.

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