As students take the lead in the gun control fight, check the ACLU's resources for students and their First Amendment rights


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I wish I’d known all this when I was a kid. It’s like a free ticket to a lucrative lawsuit, and humiliating the adults to boot. Too bad I went to Hippie High, where only a swastika would get a kid expelled. Nobody wants the money that badly.

EDIT: Actually, the punks had swastikas. Maybe an actual Nazi uniform would have caused trouble?


I wonder what’s happening/going to happen with that Texas school district (Needville Independent), since the superintendent foolishly announced he was going to suspend protesting students. The only thing I’ve heard there was their Facebook page went down immediately after. That would seem to give a nice run-up for the ACLU and others to be ready when they actually suspended someone.


If those students were walking out or otherwise missing class, they’re perfectly able to be disciplined for it. Was the note that students protesting ANYWHERE were going to be punished or just missing school for it? I thought it was the latter.


when i was a senior in high school my principal, who was a friend of my father’s, changed the dress code-- which required recalling the student handbook, reprinting it, and reissuing it-- to prohibit boys from wearing sandals because he didn’t like the fact that i wore sandals to school and he thought my parents were too indulgent to make me wear shoes “like a man”. i got the aclu involved in the case and they thought they might have a good case based on title ix. before the case could proceed further than some initial interviews and some discovery motions one of the school board members talked to me and told me that if i pursued this matter any further the district would not rehire my mother. i was, unfortunately, forced to back down but the principal who had brought this situation on was forced into retirement at the end of the first semester so it wasn’t a total loss.


The superintendent said that students protesting, even with a parent note, would be suspended, even though their own rules state that an “unexcused absence,” which is what a walkout would be (and only then if without the note), is punishable by loss of parking privileges only. In other words, he was creating a special punishment for the protest, not the absence.


should have sent a certified letter asking to “clarify” this, and passed this onto your attorney. this is textbook extortion.


true dat! it was also small town texas in the late 70s. my mother taught another 24 years and earned a 100% pension plus a further 12 year annuity that gave her another $1200/month over her retirement, something she would never have had if she had been fired and blackballed over me. no jury in texas at that time, even a federal jury, would have awarded anything nearly compensating for her expected losses.




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