As Trump takes Nevada, Republicans face facts


She should pick Rubio! It would throw a wrench in the whole damn thing.

That said, I think if Trump wins (that’s still an if) the nomination, he’ll probably pick a really solid running mate. That scares me.

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I mentioned somewhere else that he’ll pick Giuliani.
(or at least, he’s working with him and it’d be funny).

Either that or Trump will find a self-loathing / overly ambitious Latina politician.

But I’m half wondering if they’ll end up with a brokered convention and draft Paul Ryan as the sacrificial candidate.

Clinton will pick Castro or O’Malley.


whoah. Easy does it.

You don’t want to piss off the Silent Commentariat Who Have Been Long Time Readers No Seriously.


He isn’t joking either.


Saying that like it was a bad thing. Hating Japan is so 80’s.


Twice through that paragraph and I thought you were saying hack rat each time.


Hat rack? That guy’s a newcomer, no experience.




There are millions of miserable people in America who know exactly who
engineered the shattering of their worlds, and Trump isn’t one of those



Apparently Megyn Kelly likes this idea.

“The way it could happen is, they take the first vote, and the pledged delegates vote as they’ve said they will, and it doesn’t go through, there’s not enough. And in the second vote, they’re allowed to, sort of, go where they want, and people say, ‘We can’t agree on any of these guys. Look at him, he’s so handsome, he’s such a nice man, he tries hard, Mitt Romney loved him. Why don’t we make him our nominee?’” Kelly suggested to Ryan, who was shaking his head.

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I clearly don’t know what it “feel like” to you, but as one who has voted in every election for more than a couple decades I’m quite clear that each election really is a matter of life and death. People in our country and several others will live or die on decisions made by our elected officials. One of my main goals in casting a vote is to make those lives as good as possible and the deaths as few.


Aww. Its sweet you think your vote matters that much.

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Mhm. I support Trump all the way. But I’m not pissed off! No finer Republican candidate exists.

I look forward to a classy diamond studded TRUMP sign on the white house lawn.

He’s who they all wanna be when they grow up.

Love that guy. He’s a great story and a giant fiasco and a huge monkey wrench in the godawful halls of power in DC.

I think he’s also the inevitable result of dicking around with their base the way the republican party has. A whole lot of their voters are bat-shit insane with colossally bad ideas. And now they have a candidate that represents them. And they are legion!

I’m happy for them. And me.


Trump 2016!


Here is your gold star for proof-reading my post.


in one of our local state elections, one candidate once won literally by a handful of votes. i think it’s upsetting that you think your vote DOESN’T matter.


Yeah. As if republicans could pick a fact out of a line up.

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He’s the millionaire ANYONE could be if they inherited millions of dollars! The business success story ANYONE could be, not counting four business bankruptcies! The family values man anyone on the religious right could want, three wives in a row! Not beholden to large campaign donors, at least for the first couple months of his campaign last year! A man of faith; he demands it in lieu of both foreign and domestic policy!

Yeah, he’s “a great story and a huge monkey wrench in the godawful halls of power in DC.” He’s everything Osama bin Laden would have wanted!


In a free and fair election you would be right. When is the last time the US had one of those?

How many Diebold machines and vote shenanigans would Trump supporters see as a completely legitimate path to power?