Ashley Madison commits copyfraud in desperate bid to suppress news of its titanic leak


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Let me take a seat…


All hands, the ship is sinking.

This may be illegal and wrong, but it’s all they’ve got left. Expect more.


Wait- this site is still around? I (somehow, and in error, apparently) thought they went belly up when the leak happened.
Are people really still willing to give them information after all this?


Wouldn’t this be covered by trade secret law instead of copyright law?

Also, it’s a sad statement on the human condition that this information is being gleefully disseminated.


Leak happened like a few days ago, it takes time for companies to explode.


During a core-collapse supernova, it takes about three days for the blast to get from the imploded core to the photosphere.


I know a person who works at AM… and they’ve had to post extra security at their office because of bomb and death threats… which is a little like shooting the messenger if you ask me. And so far, employees are still employed.


And that blast is moving at near-relativistic speeds. It’s hard to conceive an object that large.


The worst part for these guys is that apparently the leak exposes it to be a giant corporate trolling blackmail sausage fest with single digit real female participation and a bazillion fake female bot accounts.


OK @allium & @slybevel… this is a family website, no more supernova and relativistic speeds porn, you are getting the geeks all antsy and wound up.


I gotta think, at least some of those people didn’t cheat on their spouses, they just figured easy sex without fear of commitment.


But I just do selenium automation on authentication flows, for the love of FSM don’t blow me up!

I feel bad for everyone involved. I have only looked up obvious fake accounts for humor (ashleymadison@ashleymadison is my favorite). But other than that… There is enough pain to go around.


Sad in the sense that it was illegally obtained and its dissemination does open a whole can of ethical worms, sure.

But I don’t think it’s a sad statement on the human condition–indeed, quite the contrary–that many people feel a little glee seeing people that stupidly trusted a scumbag site to keep their infidelity a secret are getting burned…, or that the scumbag company promoting cheating on your spouse will (hopefully) be destroyed.

Kind of like hearing a child molester got shot while he was standing in line at a bank during an armed robbery. Yeah… I’m definitely against armed robbery… but…


Not surprised a scummy company that built a very scummy business like that did something this scummy


Formatting appears to truncate the title nicely

“Ashley Madison commits copyfraud in desperate bid to suppress news of its tit…”


Probably not, but they’re not going to just shut down without a fight.


Because you’re assuming that every single one of them is a smirking Don Draper douchebag. As I said elsewhere, some of them will be perfectly honest swingers whose reputations and careers will be ruined if their legitimately open relationship is exposed. Some of them will be seeking solace from a loveless or abusive relationship that they aren’t in a position to leave–and now their abusive partner may find out. And despite the allegations,some of both types will be women, as per this article.

How many innocents is it morally acceptable to sacrifice per Don Draper?


The “messenger” charged customers to delete records which were never deleted. The implied violence is horrible but AM are culpable for their customers’ lack of privacy due to these false promises.


In the case of these bomb threats, the “messenger” is the lady at the front desk and the guy who cleans the restrooms. They didn’t make any of the decisions.