Aspiring pastor blames "cold medicine" after killing wife


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Only my first wife, honest.


Expecting some salacious revelations of this guy’s past in 3… 2… 1…


I’d like to give the guy the benefit of the doubt despite the weakness of the defense, but my immediate thought is, “we’re going to find out that they had significant relationship issues, like maybe he cheated on her or she cheated on him or something else mildly scandalous…”


The ironic thing is if he had claimed it was something like Ambien, I’d be far less skeptical…


Not to worry Jesus will forgive him, this time…


No, really…

We use much longer, fancier words. Only the good ones. The best.


The Robitussin Murders would be a good band name tho. Doom/Lounge crossover maybe? (Is that a thing? It ought to be a thing)


The medicine is apparently a secret – it’s bleeped out in the audio given to the press. “Tylenol PM” is just my little joke.

If it was ambien, he’s got a defense. But ambien isn’t cold medicine :rainbow:


Shit, I take Tylenol PM some times, or the sleep ingredient which is in it (generic unisom). I still don’t get great sleep. I hope I am not out on murder rampages I don’t remember. I thought those were Crystal Light stains on my shorts…


I find that nothing beats Walgreens store brand night-time cold ‘n’ flu for psychotic benders ending in inexplicable homicides


It’s just like in the bible where god kills Job’s kids: ‘And lo did God say to Job, “Sorry bro, I had a wicked cold and I accidentally smote your sons… YOLO!”’


Ahh yes. “Cold medicine”, just like mom used to give.

22 AM


Mr. Bells, a man who doesn’t even like to raise his voice and almost never says a mean word about anyone, turned verbally abusive on Ambien. With no memory of any of it the next day. After the third time I told him to get another sleep aid because this was horrifying. I swear I don’t know why that’s still on the market.


Cold medicine?

I think it was the white. Maybe some privilege? Definitely the male part.


It is if you take it when you’ve got a cold.


To be perfectly horrible, I’m surprised he didn’t go for the obvious “god used me as his tool of vengeance” defense. “Cold medicine” just makes him sound like he’s grasping at straws.


If the JD bottle is on the right, what is being poured into the glass? And why is it such a darn big measure? :thinking:

NB: My mum used to use Vick’s Vapo rub on me when I had a cold as a kid, even though I hated the stuff. When the UK rave scene kicked off and I heard people were huffing it there, I avoided it. Probably for the good…


Tylenol PM? Do you mean Tylenol Pastor Murder?!