Aspiring pastor blames "cold medicine" after killing wife

When weighed against all the nights where he didn’t kill his wife, this is just an outlier and can be discarded.


Those two could so be my favorite cousin and her husband.

Probably Jim Beam! Heck, you need a big measure if you want to pass out and forget you have a cold.


Wow. The worst I do is a few weeks later my tivo is filled up with the most ridiculous stuff recorded and I realize I should never take ambien and start searching for something to watch.


Jesus has had a hell of a lot of forgiving of his followers to do for about 1984 years now. One more won’t make any difference.


That is basically how medical trials seem to work nowadays, so yes.

Whenever some leaflet says “rarely experienced side effects” I can guarantee my wife will get them. But I do suspect that the reason they are “rare” is because when they showed up in trials, those trials got discarded for such reasons as experimental irregularities.


It can be refrigerated.

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The fact he is an aspiring pastor has nothing to do with this, at least on the surface. We all like to poke fun at hyper religious people, but if this was a plumber or a physician, would you have the same reaction?

Cold medicine might induce psychosis, there are some documented cases - though admittedly they don’t involve murder. It’s also not to say this guy didn’t make up his excuse post-hoc.

With the bare minimum of information provided in the linked segment it’s hard for me to feel like this is anything more than a tragedy.


There’s apparently a subreddit of people either posting while on Ambien or talking about what they discovered they did while on the stuff.


I knew there was something I was doing wrong.


Ah, the whisky cure; put a sock on one bedpost then drink until it looks like it is on the other one. Cured! Possibly…


Ice tea. Definitely, ice tea, Your Honour.


The Lounge lives in spirit…

That’s scary!

I don’t use it regularly, but back when I didn’t know my pain meds wouldn’t let me sleep, I some times used Rozerem. It seems to quiet your brain, but won’t leave you a zombie if you have to get up to get the baby.

90% sure it is Amazon and Ebay etal keeping it on the market for late night sales.

Never use Nykill Nitekill Nyqull I don’t know sound something like that…Terrible stuff

Easy to remember how to spell it: capital N, small y, big fucking Q.


I had an HMO through an employer once, and my assigned PCP liked to just hand out drugs. I offhandedly mentioned that my job was keeping me up late, once, and she just handed me a bottle of Ambien. Did a great job of knocking me out for a week or so, and then stopped. I found out that you’re not supposed to take it for extended periods. Scary stuff.

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I’ve been there, for myself and with family members. I had a doctor tell me once, “in the right person, any drug can have any effect.” Only a slight exaggeration. I also had a coworker who had a life-threatening allergic reaction to one of the “inactive” binders used to make an antihistamine tablet (she knew about the allergy, but it was to something that doesn’t need to be listed on either food or drug labels).

That said, I’m hesitant to blame clinical trials. In pretty much every cost-benefit analysis ever, researchers find that the FDA would save more lives on net by approving more drugs and tolerating more risk of adverse side effects.

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Actually, I read in one of the articles that it was Coricidin Cough and Cold.

So, a bit unlikely to be sure, but not impossible. Doing a whole bunch of dissociatives has been known to lead to… issues (ref: PCP).

Oh, and expect the media to run a series of moral-panic stories about the evils of dextromethorphan abuse articles…

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At least he didn’t try to say he’s been at the reefer…

You don’t have a baby.