Man dead, wife in hospital after ingesting what they thought was a drug touted by Trump

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“No one knew healthcare was so complicated”


Would it be possible to hit Trump with negligent homicide charges?


i’ve seen stories elsewhere saying that this should not be blamed on donald, but here is this poor woman saying from her hospital bed that the reason she and her husband decided to try this was because he said it was safe. so he definitely is to blame for his. how heartbreaking…


At the end of the pandemic, take the deaths from Corvid, and subtract a conservative estimate of how many would have likely died if he’d listened to health experts, and that’s his negligent homicide/murder count.


This is truly tragic and infuriating. My heart really goes out to this woman.

Trump deserves the proximal blame for this, but it is worth asking how society has created legions of people that will blindly jump on the suggestions of someone like Trump.

Fox News gets some of the blame. Republicans that have for years muddied the water and discouraged Americans from trusting public health professionals and scientists. An educational system that for decades has de-emphasized critical thinking is at fault. Patriotism shouldn’t escape either. This sort of thing can only happen when there is a collective societal fail.


Welllllll, no. Using what he mistakenly thought was the anti-malaria drug Dear Leader had mentioned, but that was actually a different substance with a similar name.

EDIT: See additional comments below from folks who have even more up-to-date info.


Someone should find out if she is still voting for him.
“…and I wouldn’t lose any voters”


Yeah, this should be amplified, and the original post updated. Trump is awful, etc., but these poor people foolishly ingested aquarium cleaner that has a similar name.


Yes. This should be a Pro Publica project. An epidemiologist should examine the probable path of the pandemic if measures had been taken early enough rather than avoided.


There’s apparently been a run on tonic water in the last few days causesd by Trump’s claim. The idea being that if an antimalarial drug is a “cure”. Then the quinine in tonic will offer some protection, given that quinine is also an antimalarial.


I ain’t no fancy, big city lawyer, but this sounds like a lawsuit.

Of course we know that Donald and the entire weight of the GOP coffers will hire a room full of fancy, big city lawyers to defend him, so what’s the point.


There is an excellent A/B study currently being performed.

Ohio went to social isolation about a week earlier than New York did. Ohio has about half the population of New York (and, admittedly, a different population distribution: we have three roughly equally-sized cities of about 1.5 Million people each, which combined are about half the size of NYC).

As of yesterday, New York has 42 times as many cases as Ohio does.


First they came for the aquarium cleaner, and I did not speak out - because I don’t have an aquarium.
Then they came for the tonic water, and I said BACK THE FUCK OFF I NEED THAT FOR MY GIN!


According to a WaPo story and another article I read, it’s more than just a similar name. The fish tank cleaner actually does contain the same active ingredient, but in a different form. Obviously this is extremely dangerous regardless. And there’s evidence that there’s been an uptick in sales of this cleaner, so we can probably expect more poisonings.



I was actually kind of surprised that there was no shortage of it in there the last time I went to the grocery store on Friday.

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You nailed it. This is the headline.

What we have here is a national cascade of ignorance and mistakes.


I suppose that’s like the difference between linseed oil and flaxseed oil. Same plant, but the wood finish has added ingredients that you do not want to ingest.


Two potentially pertinent details. I wholesale beer and beverages in the Hamptons where the wealthy from NYC are currently jumping from what they view as a sinking ship. And the uptick apparently kicked up over the weekend, so post Friday.

The rich are straight panicking, seem to be expecting the collapse of society. And the Hamptons set is incredibly prone to magical thinking. Holistic remedies and yoga with goats are very common. As of Saturday and Sunday they needed fever tree NOW for magic protection.