Man dead, wife in hospital after ingesting what they thought was a drug touted by Trump

Don’t believe anything the President says and his people because they don’t know what they’re talking about. And don’t take anything – be so careful and call your doctor.

Or maybe don’t just listen for what you want to hear…he is not a doctor. If this was a real cure actual doctors would be giving it to patients. You wouldn’t be buying it at the aquarium store.

There are going to be a lot of empty places at Turkey Day 2020 and maybe the Election (assuming there is one) will have been a referendum on what that looks and feels like.

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It does seem to be the same chemical. However, the teaspoon they reportedly ingested is roughly 15 times the dosage- and certainly lacks in purity.

Take what your Dr prescribed- and from a pharmacy!

At 4 drinks - Kathy is quite tipsy but okay. At 60 drinks - I’m dead. YMMV if you have a Fark account.


At doses typically used to treat fish diseases, chloroquine is also toxic to many invertebrates, algae and bacteria.

and calculating the appropriate aquarium dose looks to be a pain in the ass…


Well choloroquine has been used in some trials in China with positive results. It does have some side effects, but the nice thing is that they are well known. But yeah, buying a version intended to be put into a fish tank is a bad idea. Even if the formula was exactly the same, you have NO idea of how to get an appropriate dose when dealing with a drug intended to be put into a fish tank to deal with fish parasites. How much would be effective against COVID-19 without causing permanent vision loss? (one of the possible side effects of choloroquine) I’m not sure that even a doctor could easily figure that out from the instructions for use in an aquarium.


Have you seen Trump’s legal team?
Anyway, this is one where they would settle quick. Better to throw some taxpayer money at that problem, add a no-fault clause and an NDA, than to give this more press. In fact, they may be prepping that offer now.

They’ll just need to convince Trump, who likes all press and wants to keep all taxpayer money.

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Why would I want universal health care when I get aquarium cleaner that doesn’t have all those regulations the Deep State FDA puts on ‘medicine.’

Not saying this was their thinking. This is a tragedy whether it was scared people with no options, or one-weird-trick types, or whatever.


No, these briefings and the corrections from people who do know something and the consequences of Cheetolini’s incompetence should be televized, so they are forced down the throats of the chuds who support that stupid lump of shit and they will finally be forced to realize and admit that they acted with criminal stupidity when they voted for him.


i do not have empathy for this.


Great. I drink tonic water to help prevent leg cramps. I have enough for maybe another week.

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“Trump Always Lies” Learn it, live it, never forget it.

Whether they should have been taking that message away from his “nonsense of the moment™” or not, that’s the thing that needs to be remembered. He’s either talking about something he knows nothing about, or saying something that purely benefits him and his friends. Nothing else.

Triggered by an ignorant mistake.


REPUBLICANS: Look, he’s new to this job. He just started. He doesn’t know how things work. He’s a businessman. He’s what the American people wanted, (ad nauseam).


The toxic dose and the therapeutic dose are very close, so even getting the correct form, people shouldn’t be taking it casually. Underlying issues (liver, kidney) may make it more lethal. Some people don’t know their underlying issues, but a Dr. who’s done a CBC at least, would have a better guess. Also, taking it in too small a dose might engender resistant strains of Corvid. I know you’re not advocating self-administering, but this is really not a DIY treatment.


American law is really conservative about what speech acts you can be held liable for, and unfortunately I wouldn’t expect Trump’s statements to quite hit the “shouting fire in a crowded theater” test. Not to say I’d be surprised if he crossed that line in the coming weeks.

I’m having trouble achieving my usual level of schadenfreude over this story, not like I would if, say, Rand Paul just happened to receive no more than the quality of medical care he wants for all the rest of us. It’s just such an obvious confluence of so many threads of modern zeitgeist that I can’t help thinking of this couple as victims, but I don’t think a culture of uncritically believing everything Trump says is any more responsible than the pop-sci media that’s also overpromised on chloroquine results, or the opportunistic assholes who’ve spent decades pushing an anti-science agenda so they can sell bullshit that does nothing, or the “preppers” who say it’s a good idea for people with no medical training to dose themselves with fish medicine.

These poor people have been sold a lie that it’s not only possible but virtuous for everyone in a complex modern civilization to personally have all the knowledge they need to be entirely self-sufficient, and that anyone who says otherwise is preying on them and trying to take away their freedom. It’s a lie that sells really well to an American audience, and offers limitless opportunities to take advantage of people by misdirecting them to reliably trust the wrong people. Trump, as a walking, talking email forward from your craziest uncle, is just the single biggest example of “the wrong people” and I hope people remember that in November.


How much of the run is due to “anti-malarial” stockpiling, and how much is “I have a handle of Gin, and nothing to go with it?”

I’d say you could do correlation of Tonic that was purchased with limes, but there’s been enough jokes about corona and limes that it may be just another bad data point.

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drug that Dear Leader had mentioned during one of his campaign rallies briefings ravings



A friend is hunkered down with her beau and a “a case of wine, and a crate of Gin and Tonics”, but it has more with getting schnokered than the expectation it’ll cure anything.


More than three years into the job and he still doesn’t fathom that a President’s words and actions have consequences beyond himself.


Because to him, he’s the only person who matters. :woman_shrugging:


“Will no one rid me of these turbulent voters?”

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I’ve been wondering about that for this, as well as the people who just plain died to COVID-19 due to the delay in his doing anything about it.

I suppose the answer is “no”, despite as much as we all would like it to be “yes”, much like the CEOs of corporations that put them massively in debt to cash out for them personally and then bankrupt the company and create thousands of unemployed people are never found guilty of anything.