"Ass" is the most complicated word in the English language


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And of course my brain went right here.
Totes NSFW audio…


For those outside the U.S., I really recommend using a VPN to access that Conan video. It is really worth the time and effort. That was really funny, thank you Andrea!

Also, obligatory xkcd: https://xkcd.com/37/


obligatory Fry and Laurie:


That’s a thorough assessment.


His rant on “Noni” reminds me of me and my other American friend trying to explain the word, “Dude” to Japanese friends studying English.


I was thinking about a scene from Chameleon Street that I think you’ve seen me post before, but this is way better and probably the source for that riff–thanks!


Nope haven’t seen it. All I can think of the one from The Wire.


One of my friends at work is a Finn. He is always finding funny English wordplay. One day we were talking about anagrams. Like ”Madam I’m Adam” he smiled and said, I have one for Fart: ” a butt tuba”!
Funny Finns.


I’m unfamiliar with “noni” but working in kitchens, a fellow anglo taught me that the Spanish word I learned phonetically as “wey” meant “dude,” and that analogy served me well. But it turns out that the word is officially “guey” which, at least sometimes, means “ox.” But the analogy still stands, we use animal terms to mean “dude,” too:
“Dog, are you for real!?”
“Duke Ellington, man, that cat could really swing.”

@TobinL nice. I couldn’t find my old post but here it is again. The similarities to yours are a little too close to be a coincidence but it’s still a great scene


Beaumarchais does it for English with ‘goddam’. See Figaro’s speech in…

‘wiki’ will be a killer word in French Scrabble- as good as ‘quiz’ in English.


George Carlin + Steven Wright + Patton Oswalt + .10 (Andy Kaufman) = Ismo

He’s funny. I hope to see him again.


Not to be too pedantic… but those are palindromes, not anagrams. I love them too!


I’m convinced that’s actually Rob doing a bit :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


George Carlin and his ‘Ode to Fuck’:


This also makes me think of the Mexican “mande”, something like “order away”, or “I’m waiting”, or “come on”, which also reminds me of the Russian “harasho” which I heard incessantly on a dubbed version of Orange County Choppers while living in Moldova.


He missed “Smells like ass”. I’ve only heard that expression in Texas, though.


Finnish my ass, that’s really Rob, isn’t it?


Not to be doubly pedantic, but aren’t they technically both? :wink:


Dude isn’t all that hard for most usage cases I can think of. What usage case did you find difficult?