Assad government secretly sentenced free software developer Bassel Khartabil to death

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I ask you who is worse, Assad or IS, seems to me they are the same.


Assad is way ahead by body count, I believe. But you wouldn’t know it from the media.


Does he still count as our ally? It’s getting hard to keep track.


This move by Assad strikes me as a Streisand Effect-type move. It’s not playing whack-a-mole (with respect to Bassel and other open source programmers) when the people you are trying to wack are dispersed around the world using a system that can store and share their programs without more than a few keystrokes. I hope he gets out alive and as unharmed as possible.


Citizen, one should not freely share the fact that you are not maintaining your enemy of my enemy matrix – I fear that you may be in need of re-alignment… Put your hands against the wall and await further instructions.


my god this is awful…what a loss.

they are getting rid of someone that was actively contributing to their own positive future, now that i think about it that is exactly why they are, trying to keep things in the dark ages where they have more control.

:frowning: :sob:


“If there is no wall handy, cover your nose and mouth and await further instructions.”


Notable Assad, Putin; please let the hacker join your bear amusements without murdering them. It is my impression that they didn’t mean to cause ruin even to retcons you had hoped to make. Don’t spend too much time stuck in a power vacuum, you see what that ill that kind of grooming does c.f. USA political coverage!

Assad is the lesser of two evils if you are LGBT and in Syria. A potential 3 year prison sentence for LGB people is better than a guaranteed death sentence if you are LGBT.

Of course, the world would be better without either of them.


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