RIP, Bassel Khartabil, Syrian free culture activist executed by the Assad regime


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God, the world is just shit sometimes.


As long as you people out there are doing what you are doing, my soul is free. Jail is only a temporary physical limitation."

We won’t let you down good friend.


The U.S. and it’s allies (International Coalition Forces) are only a very small part responsible for destroying Syria with less than 1% percent, at about one/half of 1% percent, of the civilian deaths. The Syrian Network For Human Rights (SNHR) reported on the 6th anniversary (March 2011 to 2017) of the Arab Spring uprising that the death toll for civilians has reached about 207,000 with about 94% percent of those civilians were killed by the Bashar al-Assad’s Syrian regime-Iranian-Russian alliance. (Assad’s Syrian regime has killed about 190,000 of his own civilian people in very large numbers.)


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