Assassin of Korean dictator's brother wore LOL shirt


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She sees the fun side in everything!


“Well, I’ve got that Chumbawamba shirt…but it’s dirty…and I could wear a dress, but once I squirt the poison, I’ll have to run away…What’s an assassin to do?!?”


Stands for Love Our Leader?


Exactly what I thought. 10 internets for you.


Good tradecraft - wear something conspicuous that you discard later.


…but if I knock him down he’ll get up again?


She likes to play the ironic half of the Lady Assassins.


I had always thought Yuki7 was Japanese!


Great, now I want that shirt!


How do you not spray yourself, too?


I’ve read several versions of this incident. Some say a “poison spray” was used; others say “poison needle”. Is this a result of translation? Anybody know which is correct?

ETA: oops…missed that in the story here, but my questions still stand: translation error; which version is correct.


hmm, I don’t remember ordering a hit recently…


New question for FBI checklist: Do you have a LOL t-shirt?


Lots Of Love! Said the mom, before spraying the deadly substance.

Maybe she’s a ghost?


Very carefully.


Aum Shinrikyo did it successfully with VX gas. (from Wikipedia) “The VX victim, whom Shoko Asahara had suspected was a spy, was attacked at 7 a.m. on 12 December 1994, on the street in Osaka by Tomomitsu Niimi and another Aum member, who sprinkled the nerve agent on his neck. He chased them for about 100 yards (90 metres) before collapsing, dying 10 days later without coming out of a deep coma.”

I don’t know much about that attack, or what precautions they used to keep it off their own skin, but in the sarin attacks on the subways in 1995, the guys poking holes in the sarin bags had been given some antidote (nerve-blocking agent?) to minimize the effects of the nerve gas.

VX nerve agent confirmed on face of Kim Jong-nam

But then one of the women was recognized and arrested a few days later trying to leave the country by the same airport. There are plenty of easier ways to get out of Malaysia. Some people casually drive boats to and from Sumatra without passports.

edit: looks like the Malaysian police have arrested both women now.


a more sarcastic assassin would have worn a YOLO shirt