South Korea having a female leader has made North Korea even crazier


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Is her clothing made from some exotic high-tech material developed by Cinna from The Hunger Games or something? Who watches a skirt and says “you never know which crazy way that thing is going to swish next”?


North Korea really knows how to bring the crazy.


Gotta love North Korea for being so crazy. This would be funny if they didn’t have nukes, chemical weapons and human labor camps. Also when China is concerned that North Korea might be getting too cray cray (as they have lately) you know something’s up.


I’m concerned about the taillessness of South Korea’s leadership now. Wait, what about our own leadership? Do they have tails?


This messaging indicates a new level of ignorance of the world outside, a turning-inwards of its paranoia.

That’s worked out great for the U.S. Republican party, and no snark at all. Here we call it the “echo chamber.”


This is some Trump-level misogynistic rhetoric. Welcome to the first world, DPRK!


I KNOW!! Total apeshit racist lunacy…

His vice president, Dick Cheney, was described by the North in 2005 as "the most cruel monster and bloodthirsty beast as he has drenched various parts of the world in blood." guess even crazy clocks are right occasionally.


Part of the craziness probably stems from her being the daughter of former South Korean dictator Park Chung-hee. There’s probably a lot of propaganda alluding to that relationship and how it proves South Korea is not a democracy but a foreign pawn or whatever.


To China, North Korea is the drunken racist uncle people invite to Thanksgiving out of pity and familial obligation. You know he is going to say and do something stupid and offensive, but you grit your teeth and think, “he’s family and has nobody else”.

North Korea has been playing the “I am ruled by a madman” game for a while. At this point its probably more an act in order to extort a little cash than anything else. If there was a conflict between the Koreas, North Korea will collapse and China will stand by and do nothing. The South doesn’t want a conflict because they have zero desire to re-integrate the North into their economy.

Rather than risk the life of the regime, it is far easier for the Norks to play at being dangerous and use their chemical, nuclear and conventional arsenal for threats and some easy cash from Japan and South Korea. I am far more worried about a North Korean Chernobyl than a strike on Seoul. I expect carelessness, slapdash efforts and inadequate safety from North Korean nuclear power plants. Attacking the South is too much like killing their golden goose.


Gamergate has really gone too far this time.


It’s about ethics in totalitarian propaganda.


I don’t think China will “do nothing” – they want an independent North Korea, if for no other reason than as a buffer to American troops – the Chinese do not want American troops on the Yalu in a unified Korea. They don’t care for the regime, of course, and hopefully some sort of neutral, demilitarized North Korea could be worked out for a period of 10 or 20 years.


But they also don’t really want to antagonize one of their biggest trade partners over North Korea either. I can see the Chinese offering to cease fire and various diplomatic ways to cease a conflict as soon as it starts, if anything to avoid an obligation to get involved militarily.


It’s too bad for the folks in North Korea that it’s probably in everyone’s immediate interest for North Korea to remain North Korea.


Is that a new Chuck Tingle book?


President Park doesn’t deserve criticism based on her sex. I understand that she has rightly earned some heavy criticism on other grounds, though.


Everyone, read all the titles in that bibliography. It is definitely worth it.


I’ll take issue with the headline only as far as to say that any sexism isn’t really new crazy or more crazy just a difference on existing crazy


Skirts. How do they work?