North Korea recommends Americans elect "wise politician" Donald Trump


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This is from The Onion, right?





Oh come on. This election is so fucked up you have other countries trolling it. I’d invest right now in what ever company owns Orville Redenbacher because you can’t make this shit up and people are just sitting back and watching this shit show. nomnomnomnomnom


Well, if they are known for anything, North Korea is known for being well-informed, insightful, and wise…and definitely NOT delusional, right?


…Everybody gets that these horrible regimes are pulling for drumpf because they know he represents the end of US power abroad, right?
ok then.


Well, shoot, now I know who I’m a voting for! Drill baby drill! Oh, wait, isn’t that the other guy?


At the link, I’ve posted a petition to U.S Director of National Intelligence James Clapper, and Senate Intelligence Committee Vice Chair Dianne Feinstein, regarding Donald Trump and our national security. Please feel free to read, sign, and share. Thank you!


I just can’t help but think it might be the ever-elusive double-reverse-troll where they actually want Hillary to win because even the North Koreans think the short-fingered vulgarian is too crazy.
Know what I mean?


What?! Hillary is too corrupt for North Korea ?


“thick-headed Hillary.”

I’ll stick with Clinton, thanks very much for the heads up on that, I guess.


I thought that was a joke, but apparently Trump has mentioned pulling US troops from South Korea because he thinks it’s a waste of money.

How did this guy become GOP nominee?

(Well, obviously I know how he became nominee-- this is the end result of conservatives courting the dumbest voters and promoting irrational policies like “cutting taxes will increase tax revenue”-- Idiocracy, here we come.)


North Korea is basically a handoutocracy - if the South Koreans didn’t keep helping them out they would collapse. The South Koreans don’t want millions of starving refugees, so they need to keep North Korea functional.
So the only explanation I can come up with is that the North Koreans think they can do a deal with Trump and extend their tourist trade with Trump-themed visits to the State ball-bearing plant, Trump-themed prisons holiday work camps and perhaps Trump-themed hotel-cum-nuclear weapon sites ($1 000 000 to launch your own missile, $1 billion to drop a nuclear bomb on your target of choice, cash in advance only.)



This is getting really interesting.


This happened almost two months ago…


I hadn’t heard of it yet…I guess I need to read more North Korean newspapers.


It’s North Korea, they’re like the Onion come to life.


Meanwhile, Republican voters steeped in denial are going,


Well, the Reuters article that’s linked in the first sentence is from June 2, 2016. That would be your first clue…