Dennis Rodman says Trump’s “crazy,” offers advice on North Korea


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From 2014

Update: Still an Idiot.


We’re saved! Oh thank you Jesus! (weeping)


Remember the gag from Back to the Future when Doc asks “if you’re from the future then who is the President in 1985?*” and dismisses Marty as a nut when he responds that it’s former actor Ronald Reagan?

Imagine trying to convince someone from the 1990s that in the year 2017 the fate of the world would rest in the hands of former NBA star Dennis Rodman, the crazy son of Kim Jong Il, and Donald-freaking-Trump.

*Gag also used in Flight of the Navigator and other “time travel/just-woke-up-from-a-coma” themed films.


Well, politics these days feel like slam dunking common sense through a flaming hoop into a shit hole. So why not ask a former basketball celebrity for advice?

Oh, well.


Rodman is an idiot, but still, sadly, much more of an expert on North Korea than the President.


I’m not even joking here, why don’t we give Rodman a bunch of money to slip something in Jong-Un’s Shirley Temple while he’s at the mic singing YMCA.


Two words - power vacuum.


Personally I trust Rodman more than Trump.


Dear Mr Rodman,

We are not good friends with Russia.


Rodman: “tRump is cra-cra”

Thanks for the heads up on that…


This guy knows crazy…


Rodman is a nut, but his suggestion to engage in dialogue is sound advice. It beats the heck out of the pissing contest that is currently taking place between The Orange Menace and Li’l Kim.


You’ve a good start on a book there…


Dennis Rodman says Trump’s “crazy”


I dunno, if Dennis Rodman is calling you crazy, I think I’d reevaluate my life choices :wink:


That was my first thought yes:

When both Charlie Sheen and Dennis Rodman think you’re batshit cra-cra, you’ve got a problem.

That said, just 'cause 45 is nuts doesn’t mean that Rodman is not.


I’d tell you to stop playing shadowrun, it can’t be that bad in the future.


Wow, that sounds like a really awful movie.


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