Emotional Dennis Rodman shrieking


My question is, why is there a CNN reporter following a long retired, freakazoid NBA player around North Korea in the first place? I didn’t care what Dennis Rodman had to say when he was still playing, and I certainly don’t give a damn what he has to say about North Korea now. It has no informational value.

This incident tells us a lot more about the decline of CNN’s commitment to journalism than it does about Dennis Rodman.


…Could Rodman be MORE full of shit ? Or make it MORE obvious that he doesn’t give a shit about geopolitics, or that he doesn’t mind that his life has been reduced to desperately copping shine off ANYBODY else’s spotlight ? This clown makes Flavor Flav look like Thurgood Marshall.


Rodman is blinking in morse code behind those sunglasses.


Actually, it may have some informational value. The US Intelligence community obviously allowed this trip because, in an environment of such dense opaqueness in DPRK, the kremlinology about who stood next to whom and what was allowed/not allowed can use any help it can get. In a sense, Rodman is a cypher, a stray dog that is allowed to wander into an old man’s backyard to see how the old man will react.

We don’t care about what Rodman says. We do care about what we’ll pick up on the bugs planted in his luggage.


It’s easy for me to imagine a scenario here that will dwarf Chuck Barris’s tales of being a CIA operative.

Remember the SNL skit about Reagan being hyper-competant behind closed doors, and his doofus persona in front of the media being a smokescreen? Well, that was a fantasy, but who knows… maybe 40 years from now, we’ll get the back story on Rodman.

I have the feeling we’re just seeing the tip of the iceberg here. Think about it… just what’s involved in any American actually getting into North Korea? If any of us decided that’s something we wanted to do, what are the odds of that even being possible?

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And by “bug” I presume you mean just about any consumer electronic device manufactured in the last 10 years.


keep in mind, any electronics manufactured in the last 10 years is magic to these people.

Ooh! Maybe there’s an Edward Snowden leak about Rodman coming up! that would be awesome!

Being a Music Producer for the past 35yrs, I can spot a guy on drugs a mile away. This guy is wacked.


That’s just what I was going to say. If anyone didn’t spot that, you’ve either been watching too much TV or you need to review drug ed.

Poor sod. He’s clearly not himself. Maybe he’s been face-transplanted with Kim il whatsisname.

It helps to be a world-famous former sports star with as little apparent concern for others as the resident wet-behind-the-ears, star-struck dictator who welcomes you to his glorious little shithole country.

Have you ever seen Snowden and Rodman in the same room together? No, me neither.


I was just coming to say the same thing.

Look… you just dont get it… I mean- that guy… no those guys- they are just here for the people behind the… if you just knew the score you wouldnt sit there in your chairs and just SIT THERE WITH YOUR KEYBOARDS, where you dont have to face the music… wait a minute… you dont think he holds on to this! You dont think its an every day thing for him?
Hes there every day… on a plane- on a train- even by boat. So dont judge.


Theres no decline in CNN. They announced they were hitting bottom, and staying there… CNN isnt a news org anymore. They follow the ratings… whatever sensational BS that happens… CNN is there.


came here to see if anyone pointed out that the whole “killed his uncle by feeding him to a pack of dogs” part turned out to not be true, but so far nobody has. he may be dead, but the dogs part apparently was written by a chinese equivalent to The Onion, and then picked up by international media as fact.

Sorry to burst that bubble but it’s not that hard to get into North Korea.

another xample: http://www.reddit.com/r/IAmA/comments/1ucl11/iama_american_who_spent_the_fall_teaching/

Tourism: walk around and see some monuments on a pre-approved course while your minders watch every move? Not so hard.

Meet with KJU and his inner circle, party on his yacht, drink and have sexy-sexy time with slave girls? Pretty freaking difficult.


Yea, the same deal as with Superman and Clark Kent: They can’t stand each other.

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