Dennis Rodman on CNN rant: "I had been drinking"


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Among his appellations I believe you forgot “Platinum Member: Diners Club - DKR.” Yeah they still have diners club in North Korea. Who loves ya’, baby?

Why can’t people learn to not do interviews when they’re not at their best? The damage of not doing the interview is nothing compared to the potential damage of actually doing the interview in that state.


Because celebrity. Because drunkenness. Because stress.


Admittedly, most decisions made while drunk should be filed under “bad” or “revisit while sober”- something that would require a level of decision making that would likely preclude needing to make those filings in the first place.


At the very least Rodman had the cojones to admit that he was drunk during the interview, instead of the normal celebrity twitter apology to which we’ve all become accustomed.
The whole Rodman-as-diplomat thing is really quite bizarre to me. Other commenters more politically seasoned than myself can clarify the effectiveness of diplomacy through sporting events, but to my knowledge that generally happens between countries that aren’t under autocratic rule. Political analysts were for a time speculating that Kim would take the country in a democratic direction but the reading I’ve done indicates that they’ve all given up on that theory as pie in the sky. How long does it take to swing an autocratic ship of state towards democracy without revolution or extreme national distress? Rodman might have begun his project with good intentions (good intentions built on shaky premises, to be sure) but there are so many moral and ethical problems connected to dictatorships that one wonders if a non-violent transition is possible at all.

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If Shia weren’t a hack, he’d have already tweeted “I had been drinking.”

That’s gold, Jerry.

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Next stop for Dennis Rodman: serenading Rob Ford on his birthday…

I’m sure he was dehydrated too.

Well, Ping Pong was one of the first examples of a slight thaw in the very hostile relationship between China and the US, followed by Nixon actually visiting China and eventually China making everything for us. It is not necessarily causal, but it can help.

That said, Rodman is not Nixon nor is he a representative of the US government in any way (though I imagine he had to get permission to engage in some way??).

At least he just admitted his error and took responsibility. Much better than the classic non-apology apology (I apologize if you were offended).


Clearly because any sane US diplomat (if they still exist) would have answered Rodman’s query with something along the lines of, “I’d rather stick a fork in my eye.”

Can we PLEASE stop paying attention to this idiot?

I seem to expect a Jonestown moment coming out of all this.

You forgot because idiot.

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He should have used Google Drunk Press Conference.

I just assumed he recently watched Men In Black for the first time and thought ‘fuck it, everybody knows i’m an alien, i might as well drop all pretense’.

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Diners Club is still a thing btw. It’s just in America that it became Discover.

though I imagine he had to get permission to engage in some way??

Nope. You, I or anyone can travel to NK. You just need permission from Lil’ Kim’s cronies.

Anyone who’s stupid enough to say this:

“Whatever he [Kim] does political-wise, that’s not my job,” Rodman said. “I just know the fact that, you know, to me he’s a nice guy, to me.”

Should be put to death immediately - after all, it’s the N.K. way!

Politicals? aint nobody got time fo’ that!

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He was on something. It wasn’t alcohol. My vote is coke or speed. He didn’t read as drunk at all to me.

I mean, who cares, except that it’s fun to play guess what drug you’re on games.