Emotional Dennis Rodman shrieking

Coincidentally, Dennis Rodman has been wacked for the past 35 years.

He spoke of “getting into North Korea”:

If any of us decided that’s something we wanted to do, what are the odds of that even being possible?

… not of having sex with slave girls.

BTW tourism and having sex with slave girls is is quite unsavory but not mutually exclusive (e.g. Thailand).

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I thought it was just unsubstantiated? But also not denied?

oh, you know, good point. i just read one follow-up somewhere that mentioned it. i honestly haven’t heard any more about it, so i guess i don’t know just what to believe any more : \

Rodman has been desperate for attention since forever. These little DPRK stunts have certainly put him in the spotlight again.

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“boy dictator”! Ha! I love it! :slight_smile:

How can these guys not realize the fundamental point that a high profile, celebrity (even of the has-been variety) trip to North Korea is itself politics? It’s inescapable. I’m making this incredibly political gesture, but I don’t want to talk about politics!

That’s a basic point that you would have expected the anchor to make. Unfortunately, CNN is now broadcast from some strange alternate reality where everyone is about ten points dumber on the IQ score.

Yup. He did a stint on Celebrity Rehab and it didn’t seem to help him at all. He appeared to be very, very dissatisfied with not being able to do drugs.

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KJU: “Hey, Dennis, I dropped my pen; step over here and fetch-it for me”
DR: “Yessum”

Cocaine is a hell of a drug.

I had not expected the actual Team America: World Police-ification of the National Basketball Association pensioner’s coffee clutch.

It is like no one learned a thing from Joan Wilder’s second biggest mistake.

A few years ago there was a fair bot of controversy when Boston Bruins goaltender and playoffs MVP Tim Thomas declined to go to the White House to meet Obama because he disagreed with his politics. Pretty much everyone jumped all over Thomas for politicizing this event and somehow being disrespectful to the office. It’s strange how these things are apolitical in the domestic sphere, and discussing political differences in our democratic system is inappropriate, but it suddenly becomes expected to discuss politics in a foreign, totalitarian context.

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                  such reporter          very Rodman                              

                         wow           such player                                

                                                           so much reporter      

              good doge                             wow                           

wow             so much player                                                       

          so much dictator                                                  

                                        so selfappointed                    

Because it is cheap and easy filler. How does Rodman got to do with the price of bread?

But really, please point me to the dimension where journalists actually practice their profession and report real and relevant news so I can get myself there!

People need to understand that if you go visit a country like NK you will be watched and listened to by government agents or informants and if you say anything that threatens or undermines the power status quo, you can be put in prison.

You’re thinking of the US. Though you don’t even have to go there for that treatment.

That’s because free market capitalism (our secret State religion) must battle its arch enemy communism at every opportunity.

Holy Shit, mutants. I can’t believe the cynicism in this thread when what we are watching is a space opera unfold in real time.

Dennis is a life long fuckup that got by on grit and determination in one of the several gladiator sports where, in his home universe, one could make a a very good living. He didn’t often score, he was dismal at free-shots, and he was undersized for his position. Yet, he excelled personally in getting to the ball and was part of some legendary teams, including the one with The Godlike Michael.

Kim is the son of a whacko. Not just any whacko, but one who was raised by a whacko that happened to be king of his universe. Imagine yourself as Kim: born into this timeline as the heir of all of the power and privileged of not just one, but TWO whacko kings, masters of all they see. These prior kings seemed to have cared for precious little, both letting their population starve and killing rivals at will. Except, they have some things they idealize, one of which is The Godlike Michael and his gladiator sport.

Now, to be sure, Dennis has gotten himself high as a rainbow for many, many years. But, can you say that’s unusual for those who were the first child out of 47. Let alone the first of 47 who grew up without much in the world where some people despised him for his looks. He might have been content to have a nice comfortable job, but every day since he made the top tier of his gladiator sport, this man has pinched himself to prove he’s in a dream, so he never wakes up. And after he pinched, maybe he smoked a lil’ something.

Now, Dennis goes on to have a storybook career, makes the hall of fame, and retires as a many-time champion. Most people would be content with that. Then again, most people do not have biographies titled Bad As I Want To Be. For a time, Dennis is content, but then his inherent badassness makes him restless.

In his restlessness, Dennis watches as the ultimate level of leadership within all habitable space fighting. One of the world leaders fighting is Kim, who is threatening the people of Dennis’s universive with a great and ancient weapon of fire. So great, it’s hotter than the fires of a star. So ancient, it hasn’t been used in combat in the lifetime of either of Dennis or Kim.

As Dennis learns of this threat to his homeland, he also learns that the issuer of this threat, Kim, thinks of him as a god. Now, during all of his drugged escapades, Dennis has heard of Cargo Cults before. And he begins to think, is this the cult I’ve been looking for, all my life?

Am I Jayne, the Hero of Canton?

tl:dr maybe Kim sees Dennis as a god and so Dennis is trying his best Loki impersonation for the home team

ps- for another great exercise in fiction, imagine the above portrayed as an internal state department conversation. You know they’d be all like, “Let’s just send Godlike Michael, they’ll pack the warheads in his return suitcases.”


You wrote all those words about Rodman?

I did not think it would be possible… :slight_smile: