U.S. bans travel to North Korea by American citizens


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I can muster no outrage. This might be the single most sane thing the current administration has done.


I’m going to call it as I see it: Another micro step towards direct aggression in North Korea.

First steps towards violence with another include objectify, displace, or restrict association with your opponent.


I almost posted a list of positive things about the administration, but they are all pretty minor, except for the aggressive prosecution of FGM practitioners. But silver linings, etc…


U.S. bans travel to North Korea by American citizens

Dang it…


LOL. Well at least NK citizens can travel where they want to - oh… wait…


This is like helmet safety laws, to keep those not concerned with their own safety safe.


Sometimes people are just assholes and should not be allowed onto the playground until they learn to behave.


Travel agents across the USA will be busy tearing down those enticing posters of little Kimmy’s Kommy Klusterfuck.


Dennis Rodman is gonna be so bummed out…


Given the absolutely tiny number of US visitors to North Korea, this doesn’t make much of a difference in that regard. It’s one of - if not the - least visited countries by US travelers. (Precise numbers are unclear, but it probably can be measured in the dozens annually.) To the point where the death of a single US tourist most likely made it the most dangerous country in the world for US travelers, by orders of magnitude.


Come to North Korea! We’ll send you home in a coma!


No big deal. United will happily put you in a coma, and you don’t even have to fly out of the country.


You mean I was able to go to North Korea?


Americans will be prohibited from traveling to North Korea because of an elevated risk of “getting blowed up by America”.

There, I fixed it for you.


As long as China remains physically close to North Korea, we won’t be blowing anything up there.


You have to seriously wonder, what DOES he do there?


No, I don’t have to; and I really don’t want to either, frankly.


That is one weird-ass dude…


Impossible. How do they propose to keep all 400 million of us away from the Land of Juche Truth?