This North Korea President, Kim Jong, Is A Saddist

I feel something needs to be done fast on the case of North Korea president with his huge threat. UN needs to act fast

And as long as China who has veto power finds NK a useful stooge and buffer with South Korea despite all the headache it causes them I don’t see much of anything happening.


Yes, when oh when will he finally come to his senses and submit to his country becoming yet another big de facto U.S. military base, like South Korea already is? How dare the North Koreans try to run a country differently from the U.S. capitalism kleptocracy model? Are they ever going to finally get tired of being punished for that?

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Yes @TobinL Thats what am about saying…China is the main country UN needs to lobby. Apart from the fact that China is the most respected, a large number of NK trade is to China. Without China, NK is likely to fall…

Meh. Why? Okay they are an awful state. Saudi Arabia and it’s neighbors are not much nicer and the world seems to not give a fuck about them either as long as they are useful tools and I imagine there are plenty of other small states that do awful things to their citizens that we just don’t hear about.

It it an ideal world no. But then it never has been.


Are you trying to say that US is not doing it right?

But that’s the problem, nobody wants it to fall. Nobody.
If NK falls who takes charge? Reincorporating the NK population into the SK would devastate the SK economy, China doesn’t need more people and landmass. Would the US swoop in and take control? China and Russia would not like that at all.

China benefits from the Status Quo, they don’t want a belligerent NK either, thoughtlessly provoking your neighbors instability is a regressionary tactic. The only long term solution is for NK to prosper.

What is your take on this? What do you think NK is after here?


The US is doing what the US does.

But just taking out NK is dumb and not simple. Do we want to sacrifice Seoul? Cause any attempt to invade will have NK open up with its very well protected and numerous batteries of conventional artillery and damn near level that city. China sure as fuck does not want what would be a flood of refugees.

Yes he is bad. The problem is like all the other shitty regimes out there right now the fallout of ‘fixing it’ is worse.


I feel NK is not happy at US being the most powerful…they fee US is doing too much…they interfer in countries affairs with the sole aim of exploiting them.


How voluntary is membership in the north korean ingroup?


I reference this article for for a broad understanding of Jong stupidity

Do you have any other sources?


How voluntary for South Koreans is U.S. military presence and control?


So what do you think they want? What do you think is their end goal with all these missile tests?

here is it …More about Jong stupidity


At this stage I’d rather China take a more direct role in North Korea. Doesn’t matter if North Korea allies itself with China, Russia, the illuminati… Just I want their government to stop fucking their people over .Basic standards of living increase, less of a blatantly ‘unless you are of the elite or people we wish to impress you live in starvation and listen to propaganda so beyond outlandish it’d be laughable if you weren’t terrified of dying and having your organs harvested.’

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There’s an article in the New Yorker where the interviewer complains that the US military is occupying too much good land.

"The U.S. military base near my apartment is prime real estate. Koreans are living in such highly concentrated apartments surrounding the base, and then you go in, and it’s the suburbs of Los Angeles. It’s spread out—there are lawns and two-story homes. There’s a complete wall. It’s a fortress, just like the U.S. Embassy is a fortress. People are so used to it that they don’t think about a foreign military occupying the country.”

On the other hand,

Note the part about conscription.

but unless I’m misinterpreting things…

consists of 28500 personnel,

the Korean people’s Army

consists of 950,000 active personnel, 600,000 in reserves, and 5.9 million paramilitaries.

so… “military presence and control”…