Astounding close-up image of Jupiter's Giant Red Spot


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Jovian once again checks weather report, sighs with resignation, looks wistfully at beach gear gathering dust in garage.


Born in 1970, as I was, this was state-of-the-art stuff in my 1975 World Book Encyclopedia:


Astounding close-up image of Jupiter’s Giant Red Spot

Looks cancerous, might be bad.


“Astounding close-up image of Jupiter’s Giant Red Spot”

A dab of acne cream should handle that.


Looks like one of those multi-level roundabouts.


Jovian malignancies are the worst.


And just how many Earths can fit inside of that?? Damn, that is one big storm.

Looked it up: 3


That’s kind of terrifying but definitely awe inducing.


I hope they don’t need a rocket surgeon. Those guys are insufferable.


Gee, I don’t know. I know of one who excised a mole from of the face of Titan… and that RS was pretty cool.



Fun fact, they call those types of overflow holes as Glory Holes.


I was looking for an image to express my surprise at the -depth- of the great red spot.



Well, I’ve lived long enough to see a close-up picture of the Great Red Spot, and it’s still an impressive mystery.


You might be looking at radius rather than diameter. Earth is just under 8,000 miles wide.


“An ancient storm, it is so large that three Earths could fit inside it.”


The “Face of Jupiter” :grinning:




I don’t know–maybe they mean volume? The spot is shrinking and as of last year, it looked like only one Earth could fit: