How big is Jupiter's red spot?




I’ve heard that that Earth would fit into the red spot three times.

This is much more visually impressive.


That would be one loooooong 50+ hour flight from West Red Spot to East Red Spot…


So, how’s the weather back in the Jupiter red spot?


Someone dug up the North American continent and transported it to Jupiter

Well, I hope they were considerate enough to put it back when they were done.


When was that photo taken?

Historic observations as far back as the late 1800s gauged the storm to be as large as 25,500 miles on its long axis. NASA Voyager 1 and Voyager 2 flybys of Jupiter in 1979 measured it to be 14,500 miles across. In 1995, a Hubble photo showed the long axis of the spot at an estimated 13,020 miles across. And in a 2009 photo, it was measured at 11,130 miles across. Beginning in 2012, amateur observations revealed a noticeable increase in the rate at which the spot is shrinking -- by 580 miles per year -- changing its shape from an oval to a circle.
Jupiter's Great Red Spot is Shrinking - NASA Science


That’s pretty humbling…but if you want to feel REALLY small in the neighborhood:


Are you traveling spinward, or anti-spinward?

@crenquis - and yet the politicians continue to debate and deny the existence of jovanocentric climate change.


The spot has shrunk quite a bit since the “three Earth” days, though it is still obviously huge.


Looking at that image, I’d say Canada is in for a spell of rough weather.


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