Astronaut Eugene Cernan, last man to walk on the moon, has died at 82


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Was going to say the same thing, but not nearly so eloquently. It’s sad we’ve turned away from exploration for so long.


“I’ll let it pass this time, but next time you return from a mission with such a dirty spacesuit, it’s coming out of your pay.”


I wonder if he ever lived to forgive the photographer who posed him to look like he was humping the thing.


Harrison Schmitt might argue he was last man to walk on the moon, but probably not too vehemently.

I rewatched From the Earth to the Moon over the Christmas holidays. It holds up surprisingly well. If you missed it, I recommend tracking it down.

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The documentary ‘The Last Man on the Moon’ about Gene Cernan is well worth hunting down. Even though he must have been in his mid to late 70s when it was made, it is clear he was a total bad ass that wore being a hero extremely lightly.


I think “Most recent person to walk on the Moon” is a more hopeful statement.


How? The LMP has to return to the LM first because of the way the EVA door opens. He has to go left, close the door, then shift to the right and open it again.


Because it semantically implies that there will be others after him, as opposed to him being final.


Harrison Schmitt might argue he was last man to walk on the moon

Oh you mean Harrison Schmitt might argue Cernan was last man to walk on the moon

Sorry I read it in the context of all the infighting which went on during the Apollo 17 mission.


It depends on whether you count the last new person to step from the LEM onto the Moon (Schmitt), or the last person to step from the Moon into the LEM (Cernan).

So a list in the order that they arrived would put Schmitt at the end, but a list in the order that they left would put Cernan at the end.


Not just me then :wink:


Personally, I find the headline “Last man to walk on the moon,” to be confusing because I read it as “the last man left who has walked on the moon,” rather than “the man who walked on the moon last.”


Does anybody know if the part about carving the initials of his daughter into the moondust was real or just made up by the screenwriters?


I see from the headline that Trump has already announced the date of the apocalypse?


The New York Times article mentions it, so I’m assuming it’s true:


If it meant being given the chance to walk on the Moon, I wouldn’t have minded being photographed appearing to hump an oversized version of Trump’s head.

Strike that.


He denies it, but my bet is he did it. He pretty much admitted it to Alan Bean.

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