Celebrate Apollo 11 history by watching Buzz Aldrin punch this jerk in the face


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In the immortal words of Ralph Kramden: Pow! Right in the Kisser! Straight to the moon!


Link! Link!

No, not you!

I want the link to the vid of Aldrin throwing a sweet punch. I can’t find it!

EDIT: Now it’s there! Excellent!


That face-punch video is clearly faked.


“You are a coward…”, says the bloke who didn’t pilot a F-86 Sabre over Korea on 66 combat missions and who didn’t pilot the lunar lander to the first touchdown on an extraterrestrial environment.


Yeah, you can tell from the shadows that the fist never landed on the face :smiley:


Why is no one here bothered by Aldrin’s assault. There is no excuse whatsoever for physical violence.


One small knuckle to the face, one giant swollen jaw for a week.


The police got involved, but I’m pretty sure the investigation ended with all of them giving Aldrin high-fives.


You’re right to call out the double standard.

I do deplore the violence, but I admit my blatant, vicarious pleasure in that punch.

It’s wrong, I’m ashamed, and I’m going to watch the video a dozen more times as penance :stuck_out_tongue:


It was a nice jab, but I feel he wasn’t putting his full weight behind it.


Beverly Hills police investigated the incident, which occurred 9 September, but said that the charges were dropped after witnesses came forward to say that Mr Sibrel had aggressively poked Mr Aldrin with the Bible before he was punched.

There you go. You can’t just go around poking senior citizens with bibles without expecting some kind of retaliation.


You know, right before I watched the video I thought something along these lines, then I watched the video. A coward? Them’s fightin’ words. Seriously, you don’t call someone a coward other than to taunt him into a fight. If words have meaning, and if words hurt, and if the wrong word independent of context can get you in trouble, coward should be on the list


There might not be an excuse for it, but it’s certainly understandable, especially after watching the extended clip. The loser kept verbally harassing him, pursuing him, and trying to physically intimidate him.

Was it the best thing Aldrin could have done? Maybe not. Do I understand the reaction? Hell, yes.


No excuse whatsoever? Seriously?

You can debate whether this is one of 'em, but I can think of plenty.


Also: Best to keep in mind what that senior citizen did for a living before he became “senior”


Not believing in the moon landing doesn’t give you the right to be a asshole to someone’s face.

I am not a confrontational person, so I probably wouldn’t have punched the guy, but I totally understand why Buzz did.


I am with you, I love this guy like everyone else, and get a vicarious thrill thinking I could be tempted to to the same. The difference is that I do not live a privelaged life which comes with a get out of jail free card for anything except capital crimes, certianly exempt from occasionaly facepunching a kook.
I think that we as members fo secular western culture will not let the first person on mars to get away with violence like this, and hopefully that explorer will not feel entitled even if confronted in such a disgusting and trolly manner. Though the web comment sections across the web are a pretty powerful training simulator for our future space travelling heroes.
He comes from a time where right or wrong society didnt just excuse assault in the face of ‘fighting words’ it expected it of heroes, officers, and gentlemen. We excuse plenty of undirected racisim in our old men from an age where the army was still segregated and a black officer was never allowed to order a white private or NCO.

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Buzz Aldrin is a badass, regardless of his age. He was a major force before he even went into space. Why would a person mess with him, I have no idea. I’d rather meet him than the president, the pope, and every Oscar winner ever.

I’m a non-violent, non-confrontational person, but that wormy little man got a small portion of what he deserved.


I hope his hand is okay.