Alabama cop body slams elderly man to ground, paralyzes him


Make the punishment fit the crime:

Strip the officer of his certifications, licence, seize his assets for payment of the medical bills, and make the officer a unpaid indentured servant to the victim for the rest of the victim’s natural life. That way “Rambo” officers gets the message that force is to be used as an absolute last measure.

What kind of punishment would the victim have gotten if the tables had been turned?


Is there a link?

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Third degree assault (Class A misdemeanor in Alabama) doesn’t cover it, as Mr. Patel was handcuffed when thrown down, unable to raise his hands to stop his face and head from directly taking the full force of being thrown. Hand cuffs have been previously judged to be a “dangerous instrument”, meaning that what can be viewed in the dash cam video is actually second degree assault (a Class C felony in Alabama).


I walk every day, twice a day if I can. (The second one is better because you’re still revved up from the first one, instead of having to do a cold start.) I was stopped four times over the course of a year for being on foot in a car culture. At this point I think a negative interaction with police is much more likely than anything having to do with criminals.


Well, it sucks that the taxpayers will ultimately be on the hook, but I think it’s only fair that they (police) cover medical costs and also some hardship costs. Dude isn’t going to be able to help raise his grandson now.

Also, while we have lots of examples here and elsewhere of cops being too rough w/ everyone. It’s NEVER (almost never) OK to be rough w/ old people. What kind of trouble can an old person show to any cop outside of shooting one?


Well hell, it was furriners blewed up the Twin Towers, wasn’t it?


wearing a “toboggan”

Never knew some people use that word for a knit cap. Second reaction (after cringing at the cop stupidity) was, “He was wearing a sled?”


“He don’t speak a lick of English”. Well played, officer, well played.


The taxpayers are paying either way, it doesn’t suck that much though because it is ultimately their responsibility for accepting such aggressive police tactics.


Turns out I live a couple of blocks from the victim. A few thoughts came to mind after seeing my hometown get BB-famous:

  • I don’t know why the perp is being charged with assault 3rd instead of 2nd, given the criteria. The DA has been mum on the case.
  • I think it speaks very well for the Madison Police Department that they immediately investigated and are now charging the cop, with no obfuscation or stonewalling.
  • “Toboggan” is actually what people down here call those stupid-looking knit caps on the rare occasions when it’s cold enough to see someone wearing one.
  • This neighborhood is uber-suburban, with lots of ongoing construction. There have been a number of car break-ins and thefts of appliances, copper, etc. from houses under construction. It’s not completely unreasonable that a resident would be suspicious about seeing an unknown person walking around and looking into garages (as has been reported; of course I have no idea whether the victim was doing that or not, and neither do you).
  • Since when is 57 “elderly?” GET OFF MY LAWN.

You know the answer to this: shot dead.

We’re a country of polar opposites: On the one hand it’s: “Might makes right,” and on the other we’re crying because we’re being victimized. I see this played out all the time in the bullying scenario. A bully will cry foul when they are bullied.


I thought the exact same thing. lol

Nothing makes me smile more than xenophobic behavior that’s mispelt or mispoken.

Dream on. Might as well insist that all police officers change their names to Officer Friendly.


Actual video link here:

“He don’t speak a lick of English,” said AFTER the takedown. Jesus fucking Christ.

ETA: entire encounter here (10 mins)


Kudos to them for this, if not for their training/policies about use of force.


Why do I get the feeling the worst that happens is the cop just gets suspended with pay.

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I suspect that training wasn’t the issue; rather, this guy just decided to do what he wanted. Not OK.

He has already had to post bail, so there’s that.