Charges dismissed for cop who paralyzed innocent grandfather on a stroll


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Remind me not to visit Alabama.


This is horrible and cruel. This is a savage.


He didn’t comply. Do what the cops say and you won’t get hurt. You need to stop making this out to be some kind of hostage situation.



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Why is hurt the first option?


There were 2 people in this situation. One had training and should have been able to deal with the situation equitably, the other did not. One made the conscious decision to pursue a dangerous career, where his safety is secondary to the public. The other did not. One used brutal force without actual provocation, the other did not.

There is pretty obviously one party that doesn’t understand his proper role in this situation.



Let’s not be too fast to blame Alabama. Seems like this same thing could have happened in any state.


Good question…

I only can’t get my head around who/which people are at the side for the other option and who are not.


Don’t visit Alabama.


Sure, it sounds pretty bad at first. But if you click through to the article, you find that the innocent grandfather was only partially paralyzed.


Right up there with partially pregnant.


How exactly is one supposed or expected to comply with orders given in a language one doesn’t speak or understand?


Two hung juries where the defense used the “well, he didn’t speak English” argument as a defense?

No, sir. That takes a special grade of fuckwittery that is decidedly NOT evenly distributed around the US.


Good news! At your current level of expectations, you are going to be thrilled with pretty much everything @ActionAbe has to say.

Seriously, no sarcasm. You’re gonna dig the people here. Stick around.


I wonder if at some point the police will start dealing with officers like these themselves?

How many of them need to get shot before that starts to happen?


That’s how they got the way they are though


At this point, it’s going to take a paralyzing take-down of an off-duty cop to permanently push the issue of police brutality to the foreground of U.S. consciousness.