Alabama cop body slams elderly man to ground, paralyzes him

Yeah? What about the fabricated accusation?


Don’t you know that in India it can snow at any time so it pays to be prepared.

“Get off your lawn”? justifiable rationale for paralyzing anyone? Well, based on physical health, 57 could be quite elderly, especially if one 57 year old was not raised in the US with our great health care!

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[quote=“frauenfelder, post:1, topic:51881”]He would require cervical fusion and remains in Huntsville Hospital with limited mobility in his limbs. His son as of Tuesday said his father could not move one leg at all.[/quote]To be quite clear, I absolutely do not dispute that this is unquestionably an outrageous crime.

However, being unfamiliar with spinal injuries, I am curious about what sort of spinal injury this is. I thought paralysis was generally an all-or-nothing kind of deal.

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if you lived somewhere warm, like South Texas. (or south India) where it is usually 85+ outside. and you were visiting somewhere where it was 72? it would feel COLD to you. you would wear a cap. it makes sense.

(btw, i did not mean this to sound negative or irritable, just making a point about temperature)

When I moved from TX to Bay Area CA? I was cold all the damn time. it took me about 3 months before I started to think mid 70s was “normal”


Not sure if trolling…

“Get off my lawn!” is one of those meme things on the intertubes…

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Saying “Do you understand?” to someone in a language they don’t speak is about the same as saying "Buyugvb oybh dnei?



Just to clarify, @Michael_R_Smith was responding to my mention of “toboggan” having a dual meaning of “sled”. I don’t think he was downplaying why someone would be wearing a hat. :wink:

[quote]The coldest winter I ever spent was a summer in San Francisco.

~~ NOT actually Mark Twain[/quote]


I’m not sure what you’re talking about here. The first cops on scene were responding to the 911 caller’s claim. If that was fabricated, that isn’t the cops’ fault.

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He was actually the trainer, showing off for a rookie probably played into it.

Not at all…injuries range from full severing of the spinal cord with total paralysis or death to compression and impingement which can cause just partial paralysis to parts of the body or other effects on organ function depending on the level of injury and placement.

Generally, the higher up the injury, the more damaging. The cervical neck is the most vulnerable but thoracic and lumbar areas can also cause localized pain and limb paralysis.

Fusion is a common treatment for broken vertebrae and disc injury. The vertebrae are ‘fused’ together in order to provide support for the area and protection to the spinal cord and myelin sheath. Sometimes hardware is used to create a metal cage around the area.

The crap you see in action movies where the hero twists a guy’s neck to quickly and silently dispatch him is bullshit. It’s really not that easy to break someone’s neck and it’s also unlikely to be either quick or silent.


Glad this got posted to BB. As an Alabama resident and submitter of this story to BB (where’s the credit?!?), this is terribly embarrassing for everyone here.


The way the police"man" body slammed Mr Petal would not be acceptable even if he was a wrong doer

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Police officer on the right also appears to be wearing a toboggan on his head.

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Not enough, but a step in the right direction, anyway.

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Oh Alabama! What with Judge Moore getting all those comparisons to Governor Wallace and endorsements by the Mississippi KKK, you are really on a roll with the civil rights this week. Not really sad I left ya but stay crazy y’all.

The police filed a report blaming Patel for the assault against him, claiming he'd been snooping around people's garages. After Patel's family hired an attorney, police backed off from the accusations.

Sure sounds like a fabricated accusation to cover their asses to me.


Welcome to the BoingBoing forums, and thank you for submitting the story :smile:

I am not affiliated with BB in any (except as a regular on the forums) but my guess as to why you were not credited would go to the notion that many people may have submitted a suggestion to pick up this story.


I think FFabian was talking about…

Edit to add:

The part that “speaks well for them” is the emphasized part of the quote below.

I added the emphasis. I would also insert the word “further” between the words “no” and “obfuscation” because it did take some lawyer involvement to get what should have been the correct response in the first place.

But still, on balance, a notably better response by this department to the misconduct of one of its officers than is usually observed.