Six Atlanta cops charged after pulling two young black people from a car and electrocuting them

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Nice headline. I’d prefer more use of “electrocution” in coverage of tasers incidents.

Don’t Electrocute Me, Bro! has much more immediate implications and it’s not untrue.

You can both kill or injure with electrocution.


I hate that upon seeing this headline my first thought was, “hmm, I wonder which video of people getting pulled from a car this one is.”


Ideally, we’d want prosecutions and lawsuits, but we’re not going to get those for years if ever.
It’s not really going to get better until there’s a database of cops fired for brutality that anyone can look up an officer in.

At least this would give communities a way to pressure their politicians and police departments with verifiable facts.


Only reason this happened is because they’re far from the only officers in their department that view black folk and other minorities with contempt. No one acts that way out of no where, they learned it was ok over time because other cops had their back and did it too.



Keep it up, Mayor Kesha!


Both Young and Pilgrim are rising seniors at …

Dang, I though the cops would have also had been on the hook for elder abuse had their victims been senior citizens.


Yeah, my first response was, “Which one was that? Oh yeah. Wow. Great… Now, about the other 140+ outrageous incidents caught on camera that I’ve seen in the last two days…”

Not so much the “getting in trouble” bit, I’m afraid:


Not directly related, but big surprise, Facebook still isn’t going to do anything to help:


But we don’t need the humanities… computers will fix all the problems… /s



I feel numb in rage.

There is no fucking excuse for this kind of policing unless they have guns pointed at them.

And people who still say Blue Lives Matter are fucking full of it. They’d say “these people must have done something wrong or police wouldn’t have reacted this way” as if normal wrong behavior even warrants this kind of response, let alone blaming the victims.

I fucking hate the police, burn more cop cars than buildings- nothing of value will be lost. Force these bastards to all wear non stoppable body cams.


In a sense they do. The world sees them for what they are. They fear they are losing their undeserved power. They feel backed into a corner and all they know how to do is growl and bite. After all the thin blue line talk of honor and service they are showing their true colors. They are feral dogs hunting in packs, singling out the vulrnerable. They are a fucking disgrace for what they could in theory have stood for. But they chose ego and the illusion of power over being honorable and its long past time fore them to reap what they have sown.


Monitored by their own body cams, and they still can’t stop themselves abusing the public.


My first thought was “urine yellow”.


It’s true. The more scared they get, the more violent and insane they act. Like the cop(s) aiming and shooting directly at news crews actively broadcasting to live TV. How is that supposed to not make things worse for the themselves? But it gives a glimpse into their mindset.


Just this. Fucking rabid dogs.


I have argued that cops, when found guilty of committing crimes, should receive a heavy handed sentence. To be charged under oath to enforce the rule of law and protect then use that power and inside information to commit crimes and twist the rules is unforgivable.


That video is more of the same thing we regularly see, in the US and everywhere, about how “brave” police is getting.

It takes like 6 heavily armed and armored enormous guys, slashing some tires, breaking a window, tasing and hurting people to … arrest 2 tiny kids.

Meanwhile we are supposed to have to justify actions by the police because there is looting in the streets. Ok… well… what the fuck are your phalanx of wannabe warriors losing their fucking time terrorizing 2 tiny kids trying to leave the fucking area in an ordely way? Shouldnt you be somewhere else where there is actually trouble?

It is not only that the police is being militarized and the mindset is of aggression instead of service; it is that Jesus H. Christ, did you get all the coward wannabes to sign up for the force or what?

(NOTE: I’m not making the argument to go brutalize even looters - that is not the thing. But again, all I see there is a ton of cosplayers as macho warriors going for the easy target while they assure us there is “terrorism” afoot)


In my line of work, my credentials are easily verifiable online. Though my license is in good standing, if I were to have any judgements/marks against me, they’d be listed there as well. Cops should have to be in a similar database. This will never happen but I’d be curious to see if ACAB or SCAB or aFCAB was more true.


There’s another dynamic: In concealed-carry America, every cop and civilian MUST assume that everyone is armed and potentially murderous. Police ‘reform’ is IMHO impossible so long as firearms are ubiquitous. Heinlein was wrong – an armed society is a suicidal society.