Astronaut Helen Sharman: extraterrestrials exist and they may be here now

But 1000 clicks to the lawyers.


Those navy videos show that most people don’t understand what artifacts of translation, rotation, and zoom look like.


Maybe we’re the aliens, and have been since the late 70’s, and we just plumb forgot.


But you’ll be on the disappointed list like me. (Come over to the dark side… We have cookies!)

““We are the Martians. If we cannot control the inheritance within us, this will be their second dead planet””

Professor Quatermass


Aliens exist, because it would be weird if they didn’t.


No. Because it happened in the 50s.


Human beings suck at recognizing sentience here on this planet when its not in human shaped form. We’ve got a terrible track record of recognizing personhood even within our own species!

It would not surprise me at all, if at some time in the not so distant future, humanity became significantly more emotionally mature, at which point extraterrestrial intelligence will have been found to have been biting us on the nose all along, and we were just too self absorbed to put the clues together.


Well, the 70’s pod-beings just supplanted the 50’s pod-beings.

Prove me wrong.


…i guess? But you can hear the Navy F-18 crew talking about the objects they’re tracking in those videos, and those guys seem to have both visual and instrument contact with the objects.

I recently asked an Air Force pilot what experiences he has with unexplained objects. He says he’ll tell me when he retires.


If I were a betting person I’d bet against that ever happening.

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I sometimes suspect our entire solar system is under quarantine. The aliens won’t let us know about them or the thriving intergalactic culture until we collectively grow up.
“Too violent.” “Too stupid.” “Rescue samples of the other creatures, we’ll make a beta version. Leave the humans to rot.”
That giant exoplanet astronomers keep searching for? That’s the quarantine field generator.


Its a sucker bet. If you won, what would be the point of collecting?

And likewise, there’s no drawback to being wrong. Its the sort of thing a rational being would want to be wrong about.

I'm saying it was aliens


so they’ve not only overcome speed of light limitations, they’ve overcome slamming into bits of matter near/at speed of light problems

and with all that they are somehow remotely interested in creatures like us that would be like not even ants to them but microbes

can anyone write this fiction? so okay there are invisible people from the future wandering around observing us too? because they would be so interested in the past for some reason?

I tried expressing my disappointment at one time, but I don’t believe I made the official list. Honestly that is a bit disappointing as well.


Who said that any of that? Maybe they bend space time and don’t move at all?

And yet a lot of humans devote their entire lives to microbes.

12 Monkeys?


Watch out, you might end up jumping straight onto the disappointed^2 list, which could rend the fabric of time and space itself.

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well, c’mon – everybody knows you can’t see their cloaked ship without a tachyon grid set up.

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When I first heard this (it was put on by Alison “The Nightbird” Steel) on WNEW-FM, I was positive that it was Renaissance. Only Alison did ‘progressive rock’ in those days.