Astronaut soup


If only all that water had been available on January 27, 1967


With a heavy space suit on, and the helmet off, and no personal floation device, wouldn’t rolling off the flimsy raft be a quick way to drown at the bottom of the pool? Seems like the Apollo-1-era NASA was big into poorly considered, unnecessary risks.

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And that Grissom was a squirmy hatchblower, too.

Nope. For water egress, the astronaut wore a neck dam - like a scuba diver wearing a dry suit - which made the suit a sealed pressure envelope, even when the helmet was off. Gus Grissom wore a crappier version of the neck dam during his swim on Mercury-Redstone 4; the suit’s integrated neck dam leaked, and an open air valve on the suit body let water into the suit.


Did anyone else see that picture and think about how cool it would be to have that as a pool toy?

Landing right in a swimming pool? Now that’s accuracy!

As someone who holds by the Many Worlds Interpretation of quantum mechanics, I find that pictures like this make me wish to live in one of the worlds where they escaped the d***ed Fire in the nick of time and got to go on and do all kinds of cool stuff.

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