Astronauts watching Star Wars on the ISS


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In space, no one can hear your spoilers.


No one smuggled up a bag of microwave popcorn?

(On the other hand, they’d never get rid of the smell short of a vacuum flush, and there’s always someone who turns into a violent douche-bag on exposure to it.)


This is one of many bright sides to humanity.


I cannot picture that going over well in Zero-G. But it would be funny as hell to watch.


I’m more interested in the technical aspects than the actual story.


If the ISS downloads a movie, is it still called a download?


Upload a download?:woman_shrugging:


I can hear it now…

Hang on, did that guy just do an EVA without running through the depress checklist?

Geezus Chewbacca, do some preventative maintenance before using that hyperdrive again.

Are they flying without an updated passenger manifest and documented safety briefings?

…and so on.


Bet they were slyly nudging each other… waiting for yet another reference to “…Kessel Run in 12 parsecs.”


Anything might be better than what was described (in Packing for Mars, by Mary Roach) as ISS’s prevalent, boy’s gym locker room odor.


Radio waves know no direction.

PS: Didn’t the latest ISS crew change include the DVD/BR?


“In space, everyone can smell your pits”


Albert Einstein might disagree. The photons which carried that movie lost some energy climbing out of the Earth’s gravity well.


“Of course! We are one big happy fleet!” (Khan)


Yes… but radio waves don’t know jack.



But seriously, it is pretty cool.


Yeah, its space fantasy.



Is hot buttered popcorn to dangerous in space?