Astronomical bedclothes



Vortex Queen Duvet
Vortex Queen Duvet by goodog
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I would soooooo sew a tardis patch onto that duvet cover.


I have pareidolia - here’s what I see looking at that bed.

(Source image as found on internet.)

(Then here’s just a minor edit, inverting color and horizontally flipping the photo.)

I really can’t help it. I see space dog bedding.


Terminology: on their site the bedding is referred to as made from satin. Satin cloth can be made from many different fibers, like cotton, silk or polyester for example. Satin is a type of fabric with a smooth glossy face due to the satin WEAVE. Silk is a fiber that satin could be made from but the two are not synonymous ! A full set of 100% silk bedding for this price would be a real bargain. Alas - there is no mention of the fiber on the seller’s site - so I assume it is probably polyester.


“Hey Baby, your sheets are out of this world… er, I mean, uh, never mind. It was nice talking to you.”


The way I toss and turn at night, the galaxy would soon end up looking like it got fucked over by the L’8gg’8t Horde and their Gravi-Nova bombs.


If she reacts to astronomy (and general geeking out) this way, she’d be a liability anyway.


there seem to be fried egg galaxies hiding in the eyes of the alien that is hiding in the dog’s nose , but , perhaps , my meds will kick in soon ( or , perhaps they already have !? )
on an unrelated note , watch out !! the soylent glitter is made out of unicorns !!


My main concern is that the name of the supposed owner of CBedroom is called: Jail Betray



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