Astronomy: Get ready for tonight's close encounter with Jupiter


AAAAAAAAAAAAAAA we’re all gonna die! Ruuuuuuuuuun!

I mean, hey, cool! I’m gonna see if the kid next door will let me borrow his telescope.


My God, it’s full of stars.


Sadly, seeing Jupiter in February from Western Oregon is also a rare event.

I’ve had the ‘scope up all week watching that big ol’ gasbag. It’s been great but tonight here in the East Bay we’re celebrating our own dense atmosphere.

Remember that time when all those emails were going around saying Mars was going to be as big as the moon? If it ever really does, you can slack off on paying your rent/mortgage.


I guess that explains why I’ve noticed it in the sky lately. Saw it as one of the few bright stars shining through a misty night recently, and it was so striking I just had to pull up Google Sky to see what it was I was looking at.

I know I’ve got a cheap telescope around here somewhere…

It is still an awfully long way to shout.

Been watching Jupiter for the past week or so. It was particularly easy to find as it was conjunct with the Moon when the Moon was full in Leo. The moon is always full in the opposite sign to where the sun is in the zodiac. This article shows that also - the Sun is in Aquarius, Jupiter is in Leo - opposition.

I will.

Thanks, kid. BTW, could you please turn down your teevee volume when you’re playing your damn viddya games? We do share a wall, after all.

Steven Wright pointed out that, inhabited or not, Jupiter should be considered an enemy planet.

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