At CBS, Sumner Redstone is out and Les Moonves is in


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I would shoot myself before I’d fall into such a low and undignified state. Fortunately there’s not much chance that I’ll have to run CBS.


Can you indicate which really old white guy is which?


I’m guessing the dude on the left isn’t 92.


I’m struggling to grasp why I should care about this particular bit of news.


I read it as a commentary on old media and the technophobic fossils who run it. Sort of like the time before Gorbachev took over the USSR, when the Soviets cycled through I forget how many leaders desperately trying to find someone who a) was a legit member of the old guard and b) was not obviously overdue for retirement…


Yeah, seems like pretty ordinary maneuvering for the board of a major media conglomerate. It’s pretty awful how much influence half a dozen such companies wield, but I don’t think it makes a whole lot of difference who’s the chairperson. Redstone himself acquired Viacom through a hostile takeover.

As far as I’m concerned, the only really interesting thing about the guy is that he was a code-breaker for the Allies in WWII. Finished his undergrad at Harvard in three years. Guy was no slouch. I guess if there’s something to care about in this article it’s the story of how hard it is for someone of advanced years accustomed to having a keen mind to step away from their career when that mind is no longer sharp enough to do the job. That he’s a billionaire and the career is media mogul is almost incidental to me.



Late stage capitalism!


At least it will now be run by someone who knows what century it is.


Barring the off-by-one error endemic to corporate slobs like Moonves.


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