At least 5 killed in Saskatchewan, Canada school shooting


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At this point I’ll even take a centipede chaser.




I must apologize to our Canadian neighbors – it appears the crazy from the US is catching.


Evil isn’t unique to the US.

Remember, Ted Cruz and Justin Bieber are also from Canada.



Cue the “bad people are going to find guns and do bad things no matter what” comments…

Horrible… I just don’t get how people can do bad things to kids…


usually they are not right in the head


Yeah. It’s already happening.


In Northern Saskatchewan, especially on or near a reserve, hunting is very important. Probably most every household is going to have a rifle or shotgun.


I’m from Saskatchewan, heard about this on the news :frowning: Apparently the suicide rate in La Loche is much higher than the rest of Saskatchewan, so it’s likely already not a very happy place to live… Very sad…


So sorry to hear about this. Away travelling for a two days and I open Boing Boing to find this. This really sucks. Must be major news where I’m from, but for now it seems so far away.


Economy is not doing well out there. Wonder if that is a contributing factor.


That’s likely a contributing factor but the shooter is a 17 year First Nations boy in a very remote small town that has a suicide rate for young people that is 3 times higher than the Saskatchewan average. The likely overriding factors here are Canada’s woeful treatment of remote communities and our First Nations people.


But being sane people, the Canadians rid themselves of such infestations.


The next time someone argues, “If you raise taxes, the wealthy people will leave,” I’m going to remind them how much money Bieber has.


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