At least 8 dogs killed on the way to police training from extreme heat

Originally published at: At least 8 dogs killed on the way to police training from extreme heat | Boing Boing

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Very sad. Generally speaking, I tend to like animals more than I do many people. Those poor pups should have never been “recruited” (ie, forced) to go to police training. (Yes, I know there’s no good method to ask animals to voluntarily join the police force. But that’s the heart of my point.) This really pisses me off.


At least they never found out they were being turned into Bad Dogs :disappointed_relieved:


There are no bad bogs; just bastards. :+1:


I would have thought there would be a temperature display, or at least a high temperature alarm, in the cab of the truck when transporting live animals like that. I don’t think that would be difficult or even expensive. Here’s an option I found for $150 without even actually looking around. It’s literally the first search result I got. I’m sure there are better options, and maybe even cheaper ones. There is zero, and I mean zero, excuse for this.


There are THREE issues at play here.

Because brutality is a fundamental component of the police state, every action must be brutal. The driver was stopped halfway (literally) between the start and end of the trip and given every opportunity to do right by the dogs. There were multiple assistance organizations there at the gas station. He didn’t have to drive off with half of the dogs already dead and the other half barely hanging on. But he did, because that kind of brutality is what draws people to work as or with the police.


As usual, this will be investigated by the organization being investigated and those at fault will be found to not be at fault and given a promotion. Nothing will be learned and nothing change.
With police organizations poor behavior being common knowledge, why are they allowed to enslave the best thing man has going for it?


No kidding. I have that for the interior of my RV for when I leave the pets. Two more for my fridge and freezer. Another for my batteries and inverter. Heck I have that for each of my tires. I will never understand not having a reliable monitoring system in place. Maybe they did and it took multiple concurrent failures for this to happen? I doubt it, but if anyone knows, I’d like to know as well.

But even if someone didn’t have any compassion whatsoever for these animals, you’d think they’d care that refrigeration failures and electrical faults are just not that rare, and the animals are valuable.


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