Atheist Christmas carol: There's No Christmas in Hell


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Seems a bit redundant for an Atheist anthem, of course there is no Christmas in Hell, because there is no Hell.

That would be a better title for a Satanist carol.


Thank you for sharing my video and for the kind words! I’m not sure why it’s being called an atheist Christmas carol. I’m atheist, but the song takes place in Christian hell where god, Satan, and Santa Claus exist. My Christian friends seem to enjoy it as much as my atheist friends do.


And as Ian McKellen’s character reminds us in Cold Comfort Farm, there’s no butter in hell either.

Just to be clear, atheism has zero to do with anti christian rhetoric and hate. That’s another thing entirely.
While some atheists do hate and speak out against organized religions like christianity, that is their personal fight and not something most atheists agree with or participate in.


(Wish I could Like that a few dozen more times. “May you never be known by the loudest people who associate themselves with any group you belong to.”

Hope everyone had a happy Newtonmas…

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On the contrary, there is definitely Christmas in hell

Why wouldn’t Satan have christmas in hell?

I’ll be sure to ask him if I see him :stuck_out_tongue:

You do that, and tell him I said ‘hi’.
(If he answers ‘who?’ you win and you can call in a favour.)
Planning to go there anytime soon?

I do have some vacation time left over after the holidays, maybe I can pencil in an appointment with the big guy.

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Besides, having it always be Chrismas would also be hell.

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