Athlete Mary Cain: "I Was the Fastest Girl in America, Until I Joined Nike"

Fixed that for ya. The weight-loss industry has done an outstanding job of insinuating itself into medicine. Go to a lot of doctors as a fat patient, and all of ypur problems can be diagnosed as “you need to lose weight” . Failure to lose weight (especially frustrating when we a) understand way, way less than we think about weight and b) medical issues) is called being non-compliant and leads to worse treatment and blaming the patient. Throw in the sexism and racism that permeate medicine, and your blanket statement gets awfully motheaten.


I’m still super pissed at the Gracie Gold debacle, one of a number of reasons I quit watching figure skating.

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It’s possible for there to be multiple issues/problems with a situation.


Salazar has already “fell from grace” in the running community due to his 4 year doping ban for pushing the athletes he coached to dope. It also makes these allegations a lot less surprising.


The way she tells the story in the video, what happened to her sounds less like a marketing decision and more like the coaches applying a training and weight management regimen designed for male bodies to female athletes. Very unprofessional and evidently dangerous and abusive.

Edit: and not to forget, he also had her using harmful and banned methods of weight reduction to achieve his arbitrary weight goals.


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