New Nike kinetic digital art project: Run into a cloud of moving particles


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I think mine would look rather like a static portrait of someone fighting for breath.


How about they just sell the shoes for what they cost to make and skip the spit-flow kinetic digital whatnot?


Interesting business model, but I’m pretty sure their current one works a little better! You know, that “profit” component is important in many businesses.


Fuck Nike. Fuck 'em to hell. Major corporate backer of TPP. Sweatshop murderers.

Because, you know, these motherfuckers care SO MUCH about creating jobs

And then, in the middle of the biggest resistance to uncountable police violence in a generation, Nike announce Law Enforcement Appreciation Day on May 13


The only way this makes sense is as preparation for an etheric, digital life after transcending the meat body, which would make its running experience even more ludicrous than it already does.


Does this constitute a defence…



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