Atlanta's (maybe the souths!) First recording studio or a Margaritaville?


@noahdjango, especially!!! Spread the word! This is a great opportunity to help save a piece of Atlanta’s music history.


To heck with the history (okay that is important) but just HELL NO!
Take your crappy babyboomer tropical theme chain and don’t let the door hit you on the way out.



Signed, because the trend to replace real stuff that has an authentic patina of history and meaning with an ersatz version, spray-tanned and rolled in golden foil has got to stop.

Margaritas are tasty, nothing against them (plenty against Jimmy Buffet, but that’s a different rant), please go drink ‘em across the street and leave 152 Nassau alone.


There are certainly plenty of great Mexican restaurants around town with probably better margaritas than get served there…



Sure thing, I hope it helps. I fear that Parrotheads aren’t overly concerned about authenticity, though no doubt someone will be along shortly to accuse me of cultural gatekeeping or some such.