Man eats at all 22 Margaritaville restaurants in the U.S. and Canada in 24 days

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For the full Margaritaville lifestyle experience you can now live out your final days in an actual Margaritaville retirement community. Yes it’s really a thing.

The Beatles really lost a golden licensing opportunity by neglecting to create a Sergeant Pepper-themed planned community that you can move to when you’re sixty-four.


We went to a Margaritaville in Cleveland a few years ago when we attended a family reunion. We went there for dinner after a visit to the Rock And Roll Hall of Fame.

HoF was nice but overrated.

Margaritaville on the other hand was overrated and not nice, food, service, atmosphere, everything was bad.

Maybe if we would have got drunked up on margaritas it would have been better.


That’s so sad. :sob:


I can’t be the only one surprised to learn that there are in fact 22 of these in the US and Canada.
Looking at the total number, there are 32.


I’m afraid I haven’t watched the video. Does he say why he wanted so many disappointing meals?


It’s hard to say. Though the fact he already did the same thing before with Rainforest Cafes somewhat indicates to me that he’s willing to suffer for the content. It makes me wonder what his next target will be. Hard Rock Cafe?


… there is one on Monterey Bay that is pretty popular … but mostly because it snagged an excellent location

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He said Margaritaville would be their last, but I don’t believe him. I, too, wonder what might be next. It’s a weird, but surprisingly entertaining, project.

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You know, I think I went there in New Orleans once.

I ate at one In Sydney, Australia and that was the first time I’d ever heard of Margaritaville restaurants. Found it by accident. I did eat at one later in Tulsa, Oklahoma.

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Because they were there?

I want to visit every Trader Vic’s. Sit at the bar drinking a pina colada with perfect hair & exquisite tailoring.


A girl can dream, but where are you going to find a pina colada with perfect hair & exquisite tailoring?

Now that’s a roadtrip.


I love these sorts of things. Here’s a localized version:

They’re really two very boring human beings, don’t you think?

Conspicuously absent from this video is the Margaritaville in the Detroit Airport.


popular place there, no?

shit, man, i practically live in actual “Margaritaville” and Buffet is king of the local playlists in all the bars here.
i have never visited one of these establishments and won’t. there are far too many local eateries that serve real, local fresh fish and not some frozen Sysco Corp square frozen fried filet of fish of questionable provenance. world of difference there.
“changes in latitudes”, Jimmy, changes in latitudes have definitely changed my attitude and i do not plan to patronize your establishments at all.