Auction for entire series of Supreme skateboard decks expected to hit nearly $1 million

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Launched as a NYC skateshop in 1994, streetwear brand Supreme has become a religion for hypbeasts (and the flippers who serve them).

I only heard of this line last year, but wow, the prices on their “limited edition” branded apparel are mindboggling. Want a 4-pack of white Hanes boxer-briefs with the logo on the band? That’ll be $95 (wait, sorry, you can’t, the “drop” is sold out because a bunch of spoiled hipster morons bought them all).

For comparison, Walmart will sell you a 4-pack of the same Hanes boxer briefs without the logo for $23. This is before you get to the realm of ridiculousness that is Supreme’s sweatshirts and t-shirts.


It amazes me how long you can get people to wait in line to pay $300 for a t-shirt made, in a sweatshop, by someone who earns $3 a day.

I dislike it immensely when any culture/sect/group is built upon putting high prices on slave labor. It’s a bad look, and it’s another sign of how much capitalism sucks.


Not a skater. Though I would own a board or three. There are several KMFDM boards out there and some really cool Boba Fett ones. I have the little mini Tech Deck versions of those.

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  1. Those waiting in line aren’t paying $300, they are paying like a third of that or less and reselling it for $300 to people who can’t/won’t stand in line.

  2. While sweatshops manufacturing is an issue, I am not sure it is fair to assume all garments are manufactured in such ways. I mean, maybe that is the case, but still.

  3. But yes, Supreme is manufactured scarcity combined with slowly building the brand into a prestige name. Honestly, though, I kinda respect when street level design takes off, vs the Guccis of the world banking on decades of prestige.

And since we are on the subject, this did pop up in my feed the other day, and it questions if their success will be long lasting.

$100 is the starting point for a graphic t-shirt there. Here’s the other end of the range:

I stand corrected. I thought they were about 100 new and then sold for much more on the aftermarket.

As Macklemore said: “I’m like, “Yo, that’s [$450] dollars for a t-shirt.”
Limited edition, let’s do some simple addition
50 dollars for a t-shirt, that’s just some ignorant bitch
I call that getting-swindled-and-pimped
I call that getting tricked by business”

But hey - fool and his money, and I got too many Boba Fetts to cast stones…


On the pics they look like band-aids.


I got a “Supreme” logo plastic bag the other day when I bought something at the thrift. It’s the nicest plastic shopping bag I’ve ever seen. Heavy-duty, extra long, unbreakable. Now I know why! I do admire skate art, but this bag is probably the only Supreme artifact I will ever own. Thanks for ID’ing it.

I never wear clothing with any brand, logo, message or text on it. Paying $100-$450 to advertise someone elses’ brand feels less like a style choice and more like you don’t understand how money works. And I check the tags on the things I buy to make sure they’re at least made in Democracies, if not America.

There is no ‘street level design’ anymore. Shepard Fairey now has a line of OBEY clothing. It’s made in China. So Shepherd can now go pound sand, because nothing says you’re a miserable sellout like when the slogan you originally aimed against authoritarians is sewed on to crap sweatshirts by people enslaved by authoritarians to save a little money on your ‘hip, edgy’ streetwear.

Consumer culture exists to distract you from the fact that things you want – equality, dignity, community – are not and never will be for sale.


I’m not a skater, but it’s my understanding that all the fancy graphics on these boards wouldn’t even survive a couple of hours of actual use?

You’re an archetypical Supreme customer! None of them are skaters either.

The supreme brand is complete poser bullshit. They embody everything that’s wrong with capitalism.

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Pshaw! Next you’ll be saying that bikes and motorcycles don’t go faster with more stickers on them!

Oh my!


No true skatesmen then?


I literally laughed out loud for a solid 30 seconds when I first read this. Brilliant.

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