Auction for John Lennon's Sgt. Pepper album cover sketch


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The flip side is his sketch of the White Album.


Rock & Roll Hall of Fame


So do you!




There is a travelling exhibit that I visited a few years ago in Florida. You could buy prints of his drawings, lyrics, all sorts of scribbles.


“The design of the album cover is known to have been executed by artist Peter Blake based on drawings provided by Paul McCartney.”

Once again Lennon does the grunt work and McCartney takes the credit…


You fucking had to remind me of this … thing. I saw it. When it came out. God help me, the boy I was dating was cute and I said OK. I think that was his 2cd time around. What I pile of shit and waste of money. The death of whatsname’s career (not a moment to soon). That said…the Steve Martin part Maxwell’s Silver Hammer wasn’t bad. And I imagine that Aerosmith’s Come Together is ok. But dear gawd, that movie is a horrifying mess


The problem with it going to a museum is that museums display so little of what they have in their collections that it might just go into storage. The Smithsonian famously only displays 1%-2% of their collection at any point in time.

If the choice is between having it displayed in a museum and having it displayed in a private collection, then I agree, it should be displayed in a museum.

On the other hand, if it’s a choice between having it displayed in a museum and not having it displayed at all, then I don’t see the downside of having it displayed privately.


Shh. We do not speak of the movie adaptation here.


Why is General Zod there, and when did he start growing his hair?


I think the third ‘blob’ from the left in the back row is supposed to be Leo Gorcey.


Or is that Lou Ferrigno?


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