Man on the cover of "Led Zeppelin IV" is identified

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I have read this about 5 times in the past week, in various places. So thought it might be a ReBoing - but no!

Anyway, here’s another version of the story (in case the one linked to here is behind the NYT paywall for some).

The unexplained bit is how a picture languishing in an album in a museum until now came to have a copy for sale in an antique shop decades later.

Brian Edwards, a visiting research fellow with the regional history centre at the University of the West of England, said he came across the image in a photograph album during continuing research extending from an exhibition he curated with Wiltshire Museum in 2021.


Thank you, and thanks to the Guardian. I’ve seen this story on a couple sites but they didn’t have the original b&w photo, which is pretty damned annoying.

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But, this other cover…


Not once have I looked at the album cover and thought this. That’s not to say I haven’t had some deep thoughts 30+ years ago while looking at it for the first hundred times or so. Though as I look at it now, some deep thoughts come to mind. :thinking:

He & Trogdor HATED each other.


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