Here's your chance to bid on the original artwork for Boston’s "Don’t Look Back" LP cover

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An amazing band to see live, fond memories for sure.


If it’s not an NFT I’m not interested


$7000??? My first guess was in the high five figures, maybe six.

For me (and I’m sure others that grew up in the 70s), iconic is the word that comes first to mind.


the UFO is a guitar. I never realized that!

Wait - seriously?

It’s a bit less obvious on the debut album cover, but - actually no it’s not really. What kind of Boston fan doesn’t know this?


The juxtaposition with next piece of auction art is, well, odd.


My buddy had a few of his older brother’s hand-me-down rock t-shirts in elementary school and this was one of them. I think it’s one of the reasons I still don’t really care for Boston. Nothing could live up to that image.

Well, Pink Floyd, maybe.

Edited for clarity.

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Years ago, the old Looney Tunes records on Boylston St in Boston (right near Berklee College of Music) made a display of nothing but the first Boston LP arrayed in a grid that took up the entire window, they apparently had tons of used stock of that LP at the time.

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never got to see them. only concert i’ve ever been thrown out of, sigh. my friend (who was my ride) wanted to get close to the front, and we had seats up off the floor. when the lights were about to go down and they were about to come on, he said, “when the lights go down, follow me.” and he jumped down onto the floor and ran up an aise towards the front. i tried to keep up, but next thing i know i’m HANGING in the air by my collar at the end of a huge bouncer’s arm. he jerked a thumb at the door and said “you’re GONE, buddy!” and they threw me out the door. on the way out, another guard saw him with me and said “jeez, ALREADY?” and the gorilla guy said “This one tried to hop to the floor, he’s gone. don’t let him back in!”

i spent the entire show in the parking lot by my friend’s car. when the show was over he came up to me asking where did i go, and weren’t they GREAT? i laugh about it now, but dammit, i still hate that i never got to see them live.


I’ve seen that cover thousands of times in my life and didn’t know that the spaceship was a guitar until the article just told me.

Well, seeing as I can’t stand Boston, I guess I don’t feel so bad now. Thanks!


Whoa! They’ve always been guitar ships.

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My God…it’s full of guitars…


When I saw the ‘odd’ juxtaposition it bought back more than a feeling that I’d seen something even odder in the past on that site that strikes me as similar… Holy mother of ‘this doesn’t age well’!!

they’re electric basses

a guitar has six strings

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I just thought I should share it now, while there are still fans.

What does this artist know that he isn’t telling us?

The bridge makes it seem like four strings, but I see three tuning pegs on one side and you can just make out part of the others (one) on the other side. So guitar? Or is it one weird-ass bass configuration?

They keep referring to the spaceships as guitars.

My God…it’s full of (bass) guitars…

Still guitars.

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