Australian ad for Covid vaccine is very Australian


I’m in Melbourne and my experience getting The Teen an appointment was exactly the same. We made his second appointment before the gap between Pfeizer shots was reduced from six to three weeks, but can we bring it forward? No, I’ve spent hours online or on the phone and second week of November it is. Meanwhile he can’t visit his grandmother who’s in palliative care and is desperate to see him.

Fuck the federal government. Fuck them.


Socially distanced fistbump of solidarity from a fellow Melbournian.

Say what you like about the Australian Federal Government, from the Prime Minister for Sydney, to the quietest complicit backbencher: they may be grifters, thieves, liars, shills for mining and banks, incompetents, idiots, anti-vaxxers, sexual predators (accusedly) and frothing lunatics, but at least not all of them are fascists.


That struck me as odd, too, the first time I saw this PSA. Where I work (in France), we had a teambuilding session at a bowling alley a few years ago. I’m a terrible bowler, but as the sole American present I was the de facto bowling expert. Even so, I only managed to come in second in the tournament, though that did score me a windup radio emblazoned with the company’s logo.

I never thought I’d say this, but the one conservative federal member I have any respect for is a Nat, Darren Chester. In a previous job I had to brief him when he was transport minister and he was really thoughtful and decent. He flew to where we were after a morning in the Senate, and was telling us with pride that Penny Wong had hugged him that morning and said “you’re my favourite Nat”. He joked that he’d asked her whether he had any competition, and she said “no”. But he supported marriage equality and is a Victorian, so the Beetrooter has him on the back bench.


I’ll give you that. Darren Chester seems like the last functional human being in the Coalition, and I hope he locks the door behind him when he leaves.


“Dictator Dan” = derogatory nickname for Dan Andrews, State Premier of Victoria. Melbourne (Victoria’s capital) is the city with the title of longest locked-down on the planet. Some folks aren’t happy with that. Hence, Dictator Dan.

EDIT as Capnjimbo has already pointed out. :grinning:


This Western Australian would like to point out the success of Mark McGowan’s lockdown policy as well.

And yes he’s hated by the Murdoch press as well. Probably more so than Dan Andrews


You also have the advantage of not being jammed up next to NSW. Frankly, I’m astonished that Queensland has done as well as it has.


I think he wanted an explanation for this part:



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