Australian government issues report calling for copyright and patent liberalisation


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Sane government.

…so that’s what it looks like


Nope - the Australian Productivity Commision can’t actually implement policy, it’s an advisory entity only - what will likely happen is that hidden away in the whole “Ideas Boom” nonsense the current conservative government is spouting will be provisions to do the opposite of this in order to “encourage” innovation without understanding the actual legal environment faced by startups.


Yeah, nah - the Productivity Commission is great and all, but AFAIK it’s just part of the civil service, and only advises the executive/legislative mob.

Fuckwit pandering spineless douchebag pollies are pretty much the same the world over, I’m afraid - which means ignoring all the evidence and good advice coming out of such studies and so forth, in favour of their pandering, spineless, douchebag agenda.


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