Rather than banning "lobbying" by academics, UK government should encourage it

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goddamn it UK, quit doing things that will give ideas to the nutbar conservatives in 'murrica.


We should call this “pulling a Harper.”


Maybe they need to find an indirect form of communication. Maybe hire a lobbyist like everybody else. They just don’t like do-it-yourselfers.

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Academics have been known to traffic in information, which is a very dangerous thing to let near your government unless it’s been paid for by a trusted corporation.


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You know what I’d like?
A small government department specifically charged to put snappy, truthful official names on bills like these.

“So I read here that you voted FOR the ‘Let us do stupid things without scientists nagging us’ bill…”

Main problems:
*It would be THE prime target for regulatory capture.
*It wouldn’t take long at all to run out of titles on the theme of “pork, pork, nonsense and pork”


You should post more.

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