Australian PM trades freedom for security, deserves neither




Christ, what an asshole.


Christ, what a politician.


But what if you fight with freedom fighters, and only a significant time after you get back the geopolitics reclassifies them as terrorists? Do you suddenly turn from an ex-hero to a not-so-ex-criminal? Or does the fighting itself and the associated skills become the decision factor? What about the “real” govt-operated soldiers then, do they also become personas non-grata after they are used up and decommissioned?


What if you do these things while being unable to think the things you would like, unable to be brown & do these things, unable to say the things you would like while doing these things, unable to go where you would like, but instead straight to your bed at night, in the compound, under guard, where you will be kept safe, from threats you are not allowed to perceive.

Do these then still represent the most basic freedom to this clown? Because his definition of the most basic freedom is a complete crock IMHO.

Glad I’m not a member of the armed forces of his country, because that is a shitty homecoming if there ever was one.

As for potential terrorists, I am one.

So are you.


Forget it, Jake. It’s Murdochtown.


We are living in what is arguably the safest, most stable time in human history. Needs more security.

The Prime Minister told the House of Representatives that laws would include the creation of an offence for travelling to certain areas, such as Raqqa in Syria, without good reason.

I’m pretty sure that those with the worst possible reasons would be able to get there, despite laws that would prevent regular citizens from traveling freely.


Quoting some rage against the machine here:

“They rally round the family! With a pocket full of shells!”


The Kiss Army isn’t going to get lumped in with Insane Clown Posse, if that’s what you’re worried about. Relax.


I’m a firm believer that freedom is a fundamental right, so I believe that even assholes like this still deserve it (much the same way as the klan still deserves their free speech rights).


I’m fucking sick of hearing about goddamn terrorists that are threatening the very pillars of civilisation.
It’s fucking bullshit. The only thing they can affect is their immediate vicinity. Why the fuck should we have to put up with another cold war?


Right. You wouldn’t want to be designated a premature Clown by history would you?


Because there’s power and profit in wars, hot and cold. Both the politicos and the ones who pay their campaigns will be all for them. It’s better to keep us in our place and claim it’s for “our safety and protection” than to actually serve us.

It’s on us non-sheep citizens to poke holes in it, bitch, write code, kvetch, protest against, make fun of, and subvert their schemes. We are too few to change things by voting, but we are creative enough to come up with something. Hopefully…


True, but why the fuck should we have to put up with another cold war?


“After all, the most basic freedom of all is the freedom to walk the streets unharmed and to sleep safe in our beds at night.”

Curfew at 11.
Lights out at 12.


I refuse to, as much as you. I think one day I’ll get in trouble for that, and you perhaps as well… But that should not stop us.

The question is, what we can actually do…


Oh, don’t worry. He will have it. When he says “more restrictions on some so that there can be more protections for others”, the first group is the common people while the second are the rich and powerful.


As you said above, that’s a good start. The big challenge is always organisation.
I gotta get organizized.


Hey Abbott, what about the freedom to marry? Oh, wait, you’ve already made it quite clear that not even members of your own family deserve that. Good for you for making stripping civil liberties from everyone a much bigger concern.